How to plant garlic in the winter well.

In our country, garlic is used in food with little or no residue: its young leaves are used in the preparation of many dishes or simply served as a side dish;cloves are used for conservation, and the use of fresh, marinated and arrows.But that's just not all turns out to grow a rich harvest of this plant.And all because of the fact that few people know how to plant garlic in the winter well.

basic rules of winter crops

Experienced gardeners say that it is best suited for winter planting late varieties of garlic.It saved them the largest number of trace elements, and thus the new head will grow strong and healthy.You must select the largest and most intact teeth.

now on, when you need to plant garlic.It is understandable that produce winter crops in the fall, but that's what it was a month, depending on the particular area of ​​residence.Because somewhere winter comes back in November, and in some cases severe frosts and snow should not wait until January.In any case, before winter planting garlic should not be held before the middle of September, and after the first decade of December.But when to plant garlic in the fall, should be addressed on their own, subject to weather conditions in the region you live.

Another important point is the additional disinfection of seed.Experienced gardeners strongly recommend three days before planting garlic spend it additional processing.Selected teeth placed in a concentrated solution of the manganese and leave it for 30 minutes.They were then removed and allowed to dry thoroughly.The landing can be made in 72 hours.The distance between the teeth - about 4-6 cm and between rows - up to 10 cm, but not less than 4 cm.

important to remember that if you want to get a really good harvest, you should use only oneseed, which is perfect for your climate.

Rules soil preparation

So if directly with how to plant garlic in the winter, we understand, now you need to talk about how to properly prepare the ground for its landing.The first thing to remember is that for two consecutive years this plant should not be planted in the same place.This is due to the fact that garlic is more vulnerable to pests and diseases.Also in the ground is no longer a sufficient amount of essential nutrients.

Secondly, choose a place to land should be not less than de week.Earth should be dug and fertilize ideally organic.But there should be careful not to overdo it with the dressing.

But, speaking about how to plant garlic in the winter, it can not be said about the way in which it is better not to plant.Do not get get a good harvest if the crop was produced in clay or loamy ground.It is too heavy and does not contain any minerals in the right amount.

Care Basics winter garlic

But few know how to plant garlic in the winter.It is also necessary to possess reliable information on the rules of care.By and large, everything is simple.After the appearance of resistant weed germination beds is necessary.As for watering, the arrow until it must be daily and plentiful.Only in this case, you can expect to receive a large and healthy heads of garlic.In addition to feed this plant is not necessary, but only if the soil before planting has been fertilized.

Despite the fact that the planting of winter garlic for at first glance it seems difficult, in fact it is not so.Following all of the above tips, you can easily grow this plant on the site.