When Maxim birthday party notes?

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Recently, we can see how gradually returning the tradition of celebrating the name day.For the Orthodox people a day an angel is of particular importance, they are required to celebrate it.On this holiday people think of the saints whose names they bear, and pray for them.In the Orthodox tradition, this celebration called his Name.On the day an angel of Maxim his relatives must ask God for his well-being and health.

ancient traditions

In Russia, children were given names at baptism, and they were selected according to certain rules.Usually kid named in honor of the saint, who recalls the day when he was born or when he was baptized.It turns out that the name of the child was given, based on the calendar (orthodox calendar).But time passed, and people, especially urban residents gradually began to abandon this tradition.They chose to call the children as they like.It is also often called the name of the child of a relative.And some people in the family that did not happen for a long time replenishment, pray to any saint to ask for posterity.And when the child was born, they named it in honor of their heavenly helper.

How do I know the date of his day an angel?

Each Maxim birthday party notes in some sort of a specified day.Looking to the Orthodox calendar, one can find in front of his name a lot of dates.This does not mean that it should celebrate the name day several times a year.It is necessary to choose the date that is immediately after your birthday.Name Day Maxim on the church calendar marks February 19, April 23, March 4, 12, August 24, 11, 13, 27 on May 18, September 28, November 10, October 22, December 5, from 26 August, February 3, January 29November 24th.You see how many dates.

Maxim Kavsokalivit

should at least know a little about the saints that name.For example, a biography of St. Maximus Kavsokalivita certainly deserves attention.He was born in Misia, and specifically, in the city of Lampsacus, located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara.From an early age it was shown a penchant for righteous living.Later he accepted obedience, and his spiritual teacher has become famous all over the country an old man named Mark.Maxim lived while on Mount Gang.

Wanderings and the phenomenon of St. Mary

After the death of Marcus, he became wandering and visiting monks who settled in the desert.A lot of time was spent in Constantinople.Once he was Holy Mary, she said: "Go to Mount Athos, Maxim."Name day of its namesake, therefore, we should also be a day of remembrance for the Mother of God.On Athos blessed I became a novice at St Athanasius.One day, while on top of the mountain, he again saw the Holy Mary, who appeared to him in all its grandeur.Maxim hastened to tell about this one old man, who took it with a grain of salt, and suggested that it so tempted by the devil.Based on the lifestyle of the holy, most likely, it can be called a holy fool.Throughout his life he roamed the world.When he stopped somewhere, then I do yourself a home of grass.Again, going on a journey, Maxim burned the hut.So he got the nickname Kavsokalivit that is destroying huts.Holy prayed all the time, and it's safe to say that his life was extremely pleasing to God.So any Maxim, name-day celebrates the day of the monk, must strive to be a righteous man.

Living in a cave, predicting the future and wonders

One day, when the blessed lived on Mount Athos, there came the Rev. Gregory of Sinai, is also famous for righteousness and humility.After a brief association with Maxim, he said that he had the impression that an angel came down to earth.Gregory told him to stop and wander to find a permanent home.Then the Blessed One found a suitable cave near the hut elder Isaiah.It is no secret that St. Maximus could foresee the future.More than once he was visited by King John V Palaeologus to get predictions and wise advice.Also, part of his guest was John VI Kontakuzin, which always surprised accurate predictions of the holy.Therefore, each Maxim, name that comes to the feast day of St must hope that he will help him.One proigumen left records of the blessed, preserved to this day.Of these, you can see that he has witnessed some miracles.For example, one day he saw Maxim flew like a bird, from one area to another.In addition, the saint predicted his future destiny, and all the torment he suffered in the name of faith.Maxim died when he was 95 years old.It was 1354.He still alive, many revered as a saint, and after his death, he was officially canonized.People pray to him, and never ceases to amaze miracles and healings that occur on its own.

How to celebrate angel

Name Day Maxim in the Orthodox calendar - is not only a feast and fun gatherings with friends and family.It is also necessary to recall its patron saint and ask for his protection from all sorrows and tribulations.Often, a person who prays from the heart, receives a blessing from his saint.Patron stretches hands on him, and a man descends grace.Who knows, maybe in the name day happens to you is a miracle?