Photo shoot of pregnancy: Guidelines for

your tummy has become surprisingly photogenic, and the future mother and baby are ready for creative experimentation?Then it's time to think about how to make a gift - to order a photo shoot of pregnancy.

Traditionally, the best period for a pregnant woman is considered to be a photo shoot for 7-8 months, when the tummy wonderfully beautiful, and the expectant mother is still quite mobile and can take all sorts of creative angles.

General tips for a photo shoot

To prepare for pregnant photo shoot the same rules as in normal shooting: well-groomed body, beautiful manicure, pedicure, clean hair, make-up and a good mood.

order to face was unnecessary swelling and redness on the eve of shooting refrain from salty and plenty of fluids.And that with the pictures and smiled jauntily cheerful mom, not tired tormented creature before photoshoot sure to sleep properly.

What hairstyle, makeup and manicure perfect for photographing pregnant?

Hairstyle. Liters varnish, moisturizers gel and fleece on his head, leave for another occasion.Clean washed hair styling and easy - that's what you need.It will give the image of maternal gentle charm.If you do decide to go to the salon, you should not change on the eve of his favorite barber on a random order that came to hand.So you podstrahuete themselves from unwanted outcomes.

Makeup. If in the mirror you notice any flaws on the face (pimples, pigmentation, redness), it is absolutely no reason to cancel the photographing.Firstly, professional makeup help hide many of the shortcomings of the skin and to focus on the most advantageous features of your face.Beautiful make-up will significantly improve the quality of photos.So do not skimp and make yourself a good make-up artist.Second, professional photography allows many incidents to hide the light and the most successful angles.And, thirdly, because of such a great program like Photoshop on the obvious shortcomings of the skin will be over.So relax, and feel free to go on a pregnant photo session.

manicure, pedicure. During the creative work we will change multiple images, because you also want to get a unique and different pictures?Therefore shade lacquer is better to choose a neutral, and a bottle of red or a more saturated color in handy another time.

What a beautiful dress?What accessories to bring?

If you are worried that you have nothing to wear for pregnant photo shoot (because in anything beautiful you will not intermeddle), then throw that stuff out of my head.Win-win situation - colored fabric that flick of the wrist turns into a beautiful elegant dresses, tops and skirts, as well as a wide variety of accessories that perfectly complement the image.

If in your wardrobe are cute little things, then getting ready for a photo shoot of pregnancy, prefer bright clothes gentle tones, preferably monochromatic or understated pattern.Lyapisnye geometric patterns and bright flashy labels can pull in pictures much attention to themselves.And we also need to focus on you, not on the stylish T-shirt ?!

couple favorite sundresses and light dresses that make you particularly beautiful, jeans, in which you still come, husband shirt (checkered or bright colors), stockings, fishnet or knitted golfiki, blouse with a deep neckline, fun robe, pajamas and funnyslippers- all that may come.In short, if you can, it is better to take more things, and then, together with the photographer choose that from this variety take to shoot.

also can not go wrong, if you capture the beautiful jewelry - necklaces, earrings, bracelets - and things for the future baby - booties, soft toys, rattles, etc.

also want to bring along a couple of sets of beautiful lingerie and fishnet (black and white), and high-heeled shoes, you may decide to take some pictures in which you are especially "sexy."Importantly, do not wear clothes to the photo shoot, which can leave traces of the joints in your body.

whether to take with them to take pictures of her husband?

on photography pregnancy is not only possible but also necessary to take the future pope.Just do not make him wear a jacket and tie.Man will look good in a frame in the classic long-sleeved shirts and pants, or simply in jeans and a T-shirt (T-shirt, T-shirt).The main rule: men's clothing should be combined with your style, color and season.And, of course, it is better if it is light-colored clothing.

can also take with them to shoot and older children, and even your favorite cat or dog.Here are all the relatives to call is not necessary.Otherwise it will not be a photo shoot of pregnancy, and family farce.

And by the way, if you plan to take a few photos with a spouse or children, then they should be invited to the set in 40 minutes before the end of the photo shoot.This time will be enough to head to do a dozen other beautiful shots of joint, but your loved ones will not have to spend a few hours in agonizing wait until you make up, dressed and photographed.

And what a grab?

pregnancy photo shoot with him do not forget to take a comb, a bottle of water, a light snack, wipes, powder and your favorite lipstick.It will look good in a frame fresh flowers, they also bring better.As for accessories, there you do not need to limit yourself.Bodykit, booties, rattle, ultrasound images, books for expectant mothers - all of this can then remind you of these nine months.

Do not forget to take a smile.Smile sincerely as possible.During shooting, think about your baby, about pleasant moments that you will experience after birth.Do not be afraid to pat your tummy, he's so handsome.To look at 100%, you feel joyful, liberated.Do not treat photographing very seriously.Laugh, smile, and then the images will be much more interesting.

Down with excitement and fear.Believe me, the photographer will do everything to the pictures turned out great.So have fun with the photo shoot and enjoy the results.The result - a beautiful picture that will remind you of the nine magical months in anticipation of the baby.

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