All times are Greece and complexity vyschityvaniya time difference with Russia

Greece has long been more than popular among Russian tourists, as a country with an impeccable level of service and how to place a beach holiday.It is often called the cradle of our European civilization.There are numerous historical and cultural attractions.In addition, this country allows unprecedentedly successful shopping.They come here in the so-called shubnye tours.Everyone can choose a state in the Southern Europe area for serene holidays.Wealthy travelers are choosing the island of Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu.Young people and couples are more attracted by the Greek mainland.Time Zone, which houses the country, you need to know.It can be trapped, too late for the bus or ferry departing local time.

So how should we translate the arrows on the watch dial, arrived in Athens?What time zone is Greece?The country lies in the south of the Balkan Peninsula, covering as nearly two thousand islands that are Shattered Necklace, stretched the four seas.Yes, the traveler, arrived in Greece, falls amazing opportunity to swim alternately in the Aegean, Ionian, Cretan and Mediterranean seas, and more - in the Gulf of Corinth.And all this - without leaving a single country.

But while moving from place to place, change is not necessary, because the time zone of Greece, in contrast to the huge Russian, only one.He called UTC + 02: 00.This means that in the winter in the country two hours ahead of Universal Time shows the face of our planet.It is calculated on the Greenwich meridian, which lies not far from London.Since the end of October and on the last Sunday in March the UK live on the universal time.Its time zone - UTC 0.

And what about the summer?In late March, Albion, as well as those EU countries that lie to the west of it, go for a while, called GMT.According to the rules of the European Union and all its Member States also transferred their arrows dials an hour ahead.Thus, in the summer time zone of Greece called EET.This abbreviation stands for the East European Time.According to him, apart from Greece, lives a number of European countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Turkey.

But time zones do not extend only one continent.They cover a vast area, stretching from the North Pole to the South.Therefore, in the winter time zone of Greece fall, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Asia, and Africa - Burundi, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Lesotho, Libya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Swaziland and South Africa.But these southern countries are not on DST.Throughout the year, they live in the time zone UTC + 02: 00.

So to summarize.Arrival to Athens from Kiev, you have no need to transfer the arrows on your wristwatch.In winter and summer time in the two countries is the same.With Russia more difficult.The Kremlin, one obvious reason he gave up the true winter time and introduced to the whole country a permanent summer.A time zone Greece - EET (or as it is called GMT + 2) - According to EU rules, is changing.Therefore vyschityvanie difference in hours between Moscow and Athens depends on the season.In summer it is minus one hour in winter - two.