The prayer "that all was well."

Prayers in the world, it turns out, there are so many.As they say, for all occasions.And the prayer "that all was well," too, of course.If you trust the course of his life in some higher power, keep in mind that you need to pray right.At that time, your mind and consciousness must be collected and strained.Call on God to be sincere, with all my heart.If you pronounce the prayer "that all was well," it should contain simple words, and said too much should not be, because "... not by a set of words, but from the sobriety of mind depends uslyshanie."In addition, not only your words, but your soul is to reach God.During that how you pronounce the prayer "that all was well," you have to be attentive to his words, otherwise you're just wasting your time spend.St. Gregory of Nyssa says that prayer is to be performed from the heart, of their own accord, not forced, as a debt.

Do all prayers are effective?

So, according to what is written above, any prayer to be performed sincerely and with full vigor of mind and soul, and reaches the ears of the Creator is heard.So if you need prayer "that all was well" - you can take any suitable text, the essence will not change.The main thing - to invest in its reading of the whole soul, cleansed this time from unnecessary thoughts.Need concentration.Prayer on a good day in this case, probably, you achieve the desired result.

What is the most effective prayer?

What is the best prayer that can make your life better, to save her from the evil?They say a prayer of St. Cyprian.We need to rewrite it on paper, be sure your hand if you want to act it effectively.Her text is very large, but the effect is impressive.Read the prayer aloud in front of a lit church candles, illuminating an icon of the Holy Martyr Cyprian.Like any other, you need to carefully read the prayer and concentration, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts.

If you had zoomed damage, then read this prayer should be daily if the child - is to say it must be an adult (preferably mother) over the head of the baby, but for the best effect, you can give him a drink of water, over which was previously readthis prayer.

You may want to refer to another saint (a martyr Justina for example) or use another prayer.But it is not necessary to experiment.It is best to contact the church for advice and blessing.

Kyprianou Read prayers and Justina you need every day, calling at the same time the names of people, because of which and the prayer is offered.It is suitable for those whose health deteriorated, there was apathy and unwillingness to live.As mentioned earlier, it is possible to give a charm suffering from water.

In conclusion, however, we should not forget the famous phrase: "Trust in God, and those who help themselves."How would you not believe that a higher power is required to fix your life for the better, you yourself have to do something to change it.In the prayers for a long time can not survive.They do not bring you food and not pay for clothes.You yourself must be responsible for themselves and their loved ones.