What better radiators: aluminum or bimetallic?

Most Russian city apartments connected to the central hot water heating system.Due to the lack of funds the work of the entire heating infrastructure is not sufficiently effective.Given the fact that the commonly used outdated cast iron radiators, which does not get enough comfortable temperature at the moment have been widely used new type of radiators, which are designed to operate in hot water heating systems.And then the question arises, what is better radiators - aluminum or bimetallic?It is necessary to look into the matter.

In appearance, aluminum radiators is very utilitarian, they have a strict rectangular shape, and the entire exterior surface - it is a great diffuser of heat.Efficiency increases due to the presence of heat radiators in several plates.If we talk about what is best radiators - aluminum or bimetal, it is worth noting that almost all aluminum radiators are composed of standard sections, in an amount of 6-12.Total capacity depends on the number of sections that need to be considered when designing a heating system for a particular apartment.Attractive appearance is guaranteed by the use of high-quality powder enamel.These features allow them to fit into the interior quite harmoniously.

If you understand what is best radiators - aluminum or bimetal, it is necessary to say that the first has high thermal conductivity, so they quickly warm up the room.However, the heating is turned off, they cool down as quickly as the heat capacity of aluminum is very low.The most serious drawback of such batteries are high demands on the qualitative composition of the coolant.In radiators imported it manifests itself most strongly.Domestic manufacturers with the situation in our country is very familiar, so try to take into account all these features.In the central heating system in the coolant has a lot of mechanical impurities, has a strong abrasive effect on aluminum.If we talk about how to choose aluminum or bimetal radiators, it is worth noting the need for installation of local filtration systems.In this case, you can ensure safety.

If you understand the question of what is the difference between bimetallic radiators from aluminum, it is necessary to say that the first designed to save all the advantages of the second, while in order to get resistant to corrosion and mechanical wear of the battery.Externally, they are no different.The difference lies in the use of two metals - aluminum and high-tensile steel, excellent heat conductor.Bimetallic radiators for heat transfer is almost not inferior to aluminum, however, they are able to withstand more pressure and are less demanding on quality coolant.That is why they are increasingly used in the apartments.

Responding to a question about what the best radiators - aluminum or bimetal, it is impossible to say for sure that some one.Under certain conditions, you can use both equally effective.