Secrets of the noise in the wall, or Why dream house?

Residents of apartment buildings often have a hard time: that any furniture from the neighbors dropped in the middle of the night, that someone else's child in the early morning suddenly decides to loudly declare themselves, the young couple behind a wall that is not shared.In such an atmosphere will never feel lonely, it seems likely that you live in a huge anthill.It is believed that homes are not particularly fond of apartment buildings, rarely settle in apartments and prefer quiet and peaceful place in the private sector, bordering the forest belt.But the exception that proves the rule, is everywhere, so the apartment can sometimes find homes.Learn about the new tenant of the apartment, even a man can dream.

is not particularly worry about what a dream house if you have just moved to a new location - most likely, a new neighbor is trying to express themselves.Having landlord mark evidence of his presence, the house only serves debt.But is it so?

dark but friendly silhouettes

First of all, apart from the fact of having a dream brownie, you need to remember what he was doing there.From this depends largely on the value of such a vision, because the dream of the houses, which gathers daisies on summer meadow, clearly will not mean the same thing as the dream of the undead - a serial killer.
If a person in a dream saw a spirit in the corner of the apartment, or felt his light touch - not need to worry.And this essence of dreams most often in the form of clearly outlined cloud with a barely noticeable mouth and eyes, symbolically show through tufts of hair.It does not need to be afraid, even if it seems like a dream, he got too close, trying to make tactile contact.Apply a person harm, he still can not, and shove him away can be fraught with sudden resentment houses.But offended house - quite real threat to the safety of food in the refrigerator.In this sense, it is similar to people, because they, too, love to jam stress.

Truth available only to children

Most of these dreams are young kids who have not ceased to believe in a fairy tale.Skeptical adults are unlikely to pay attention to the overnight guests, even if it is lower slopes just above the ear.Kids, on their high sensitiveness caused by age, decide to make friends with this being, and may even try to lure him.Children - the perfect companion for adults in questions about what a dream house or, for example, why are scattered throughout the room strange crumbs.They have not divest himself of the supernatural, trying to explain from a rational point of view.Any child with certainty say that Barabashka just wants to make friends, and most of the time will be right.But sometimes the dream of the houses is the probability of a bad news or an event related to home and family people.After appearing in a dream of the messenger should pay particular attention to the household and take care of without any problems at all households.

difference invited guests from uninvited

Sometimes that mysterious cause, what a dream house may be his desire to warn about something really serious.If you dream it somehow in contact with guests - lifts them, mocks them or just do not give them passage, it may need more time to think about the feasibility of their arrival.Brownie, as the true guardian of the hearth, the owner can give to understand that the people he wants to invite into your home, are not worthy of trust.If the measures could not be avoided, and you find that after the visit of the guests lost something valuable, then you are once again make the good intentions of the spirit of your home.The first thing that must be assumed as a response to the question of what a dream house, should be a warning.Something that eluded previous owner, it is now necessary to pay particular attention.Some psychics and the like experts believe that in the dream to see brownie - certainly unfortunate.But do not jump to conclusions and panic.Definitely interpret the dream, it is not likely to succeed.House itself - a being not quite unambiguous, as it is described in folklore as a kind and friendly though, but still evil.

peculiar humor brownie

Of course, if in a dream, this entity behaves aggressively, it is unlikely to mean its good intentions.Many people who are house-choking during sleep, the feeling seems to be quite real.To perceive the dream as a threat to life should not be, but you have to wonder whether you are not offended by something his Barabashka.If this really could be the reason, you can try to "lure" him to entertain with something tasty.They are very fond of sweets, so the ideal option would be a saucer of honey or a handful of candy.If you dream the spirit leaves the house or you personally, it kicked out, it may indicate some disorder in the family or problems in the economy.

With exactly the opposite

Unfortunately, one can never say with certainty what a dream house.Smothers, however, he just lazy owners or those who are ugly behaves with home.Dream of it can be a signal to what is necessary to pay attention not only to their own problems, but also to the needs of others.In order not to be afraid of annoying the spirit, you can find yourself a pet - and then a strange night sounds will be much easier to explain.