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Some workers climb the corporate ladder by leaps and bounds, while others did not manage to win the approval of his superiors, in spite of the hard work.

sat up?

Perhaps that superiors do not appreciate your contribution, you are partly to blame.And it is not that you are running bad.Perhaps what you are doing, it has long become routine.And if work is not a joy, the enthusiasm and decreases itself.

In addition, people who have long engaged in the same, often, they say, zamylivaetsya eyes.They do their work like an automaton, without hesitation and without trying to improve something.But for many leaders is one of the main advantages of the employee - the ability to take the initiative and indifferent attitude.

If that is the case, the best way out would be changing jobs.The changes will help to avoid professional burnout.That is why experts advise to look for a new place every 5-7 years, even if the previous job you are completely satisfied.

If the dismissal is not included in your plans, try to ask the authorities to increase.The most appropriate time - as soon as you have completed a difficult task or have done a lot of work.Before you talk with the boss, consider the arguments in its favor.Do not hesitate to remind the authorities of their merit, saying in a firm voice, avoid pleading intonations.In the end, self-confidence - half the battle!

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not get along?

Another reason that you do not appreciate - a bad relationship with the team.If you can not make friends with colleagues, get the approval of the chief will be more difficult - the authorities do not really fan of "black sheep".After all, if a person is hard to interact with colleagues, it is likely to affect the results of its work.Besides chiefs - the same people, and they have sometimes triggered "herd mentality" that causes them to join the team unflattering opinion about any employee.

What can we do to make friends with your colleagues?For starters take a look at yourself and try to find out the cause of dislike to you.Did you break some unspoken rules established in the team, too often complain about colleagues or, conversely, communicate with them down.

But often the only reason for the dislike becomes colleagues lack of confidence.Sometimes, with the help of co-workers checked attacks beginner strength, and if the test fails, to win the favor of colleagues becomes very difficult.The only way to deal with this attitude - keep calm.If attacks do not cause the victim's emotions, colleagues quickly leave her alone.Of course, to keep a good face on a bad game is not easy, but try not to give vent to his irritation.Answer insult to the insult is not worth it.Your anger - an indicator of your weakness, and co-workers will not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Dislike colleagues sometimes manifest indifference.To move up the career ladder is no better than open conflict, but in this case, to win the favor of the collective lot easier.Try a little to change their behavior.To smile, smile - the best way to make friends with someone.

not forget the compliments and praise the action depends on the person to whom it relates.It turns out rough flattery works well on people with high self-esteem.Your praise as it confirms a person's thoughts about themselves, so even exaggerated compliments accepted at face value.If the self-esteem of your interlocutor is low, it will apply to praise more suspicious.So before you say compliment, try to determine how the source relates to himself.The modest your counterpart, the restrained and thinner should be praise.


Sometimes, employees underestimate because they are not quite right to respond to orders of the authorities.This is especially peculiar new.The fright in his eyes and a lack of confidence that the job will be done in time, forcing the chief doubt the competence of the employee.

And if so, to win the favor of the boss, you need to learn not to be afraid of new things.If you're going for a "terrible" case, for example, to learn a new computer program, or to make a report on the new scheme, set aside a little dip in the job.Start your day with something simpler.Catching less complex cases, you, first of all, deal with the current work, which would then be distracted, and secondly, as if "you accelerate" and setting yourself on the right way.Just do not take time off for too long!Getting to the development of something new, do not try to understand it all at once and do not be nervous if some things do not come to you.

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