Humorous opus.

- Elizabeth M., and you've bun burst, you get them adzhika smear?

- Why, E. Vitali?They're sweet!Do not be silly ...

- Well, why is it nonsense?You, Elizabeth M., first try, and then to speak.

- Oh, fuck off Vitaly E..There is nothing I will not try.

- And for good reason.And you, Elizabeth M., before muffin devour, cut on it, or do they?

- What cut?This is why?

- Well, of course!Bun after round, and if her spoon adzhika put the adjika certainly fall down, slap you dress.And if adjika cram into an incision, it is here to stay.

- Vitaly E.!Well, you are!I told you that I do not eat adzhika!That is, of course, I'm against it have nothing, but do not eat biscuits!

- And for good reason.And here you are, Elizabeth M., for how much, so to speak, bites usual bun eat?

- Well, as necessary, E. Vitali.Usual - because of the two.What?

- Well, you can not, Elizabeth M.!It should be small, so to speak, bites of a muffin is.And two - you yourself, I'm sorry, all fall adzhika burn something.

- Yes, you go to hell, Vitaly E.!What do you have clung to me with your adzhika?I'm not going to eat it!Especially with buns!

- And for good reason.But, say, dine bun - it what you wash down?

- Well, I do not adzhika if you about it!

- What are you, Elizabeth M.!Who drink it?She should eat.For example, and yet?The wash down some?

- sweet tea with raspberries.What?

- Are not you disgusted in my mouth?

- So!What do you mean?

- Well, as Elizabeth M.!It is unspeakably disgusting when after acute adzhika sweet tea, and even with a raspberry in her mouth gets!Something you have to taste buds could not see it.Do you have a health care provider.

- This is for you, damn it, the doctor seem right!Opoloumeli here with his adzhika!What are you bothering me?You Vitaly Mikhailovich, I bring to the white heat udumali?Last time I declare to you - I do not eat your nasty adjika!I do not eat, did not eat, and there is not going to!Dot!

- And for good reason.But when you ...

- So!I've had enough!Go and go to hell!I'm leaving, and you're sitting there with his adzhika, miserable fool!

Elizabeth M. left the room, slamming the door.Vitaly Mikhailovich sat for a while, listening to the retreating steps;Then, rubbing his hands, pulled out a bottle of vodka and taynichki, splashing a stack having fun biting bun, dipped it in the acute adjika ...

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