What gives the driver to tune the instrument panel?

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Dashboard - this is one of the most important and essential parts in the car.It was with her driver reads all the necessary evidence and taking further steps, deciding either to shift gears or slow down, or stop by the gas station.In any case, each of these actions depends on the meters.And if you're tired of your classic look of the dashboard, there is a way to change it by tuning the design.At the moment, these items can be found in any specialized shop, and in the assembled state.This article will be discussed what are the benefits to the driver to tune the instrument panel ("Lada Priora").

functions and characteristics

By the way, if you think that such appliances are installed only for the aesthetic function, you are deeply mistaken.This dashboard "Priora 2170" can go to all those who want to expand their technical capabilities iron friend.Under this feature means you can control the technical condition of all parts and assemblies (that is a function of the on-board computer), as well as to inform the driver of upcoming replacements using a light signal.But that's not all the functions possessed by the dashboard "Priora".The price of such a device, of course, higher production of parts (about 200 US dollars), but still worth it.

And back again to the function.In addition to diagnostic, this device performs an aesthetic function.Motorists can choose the backlight color, style and type of arrows a speedometer (classic or digital).Be sure - passengers are not deprived of such a machine attention.Also, tune the instrument panel ("Prior") can identify the remaining fuel in the tank and provide information to the nearest milliliter.More this unit, depending on the cost of the driver can report about how many kilometers left petrol and what is the average fuel consumption.And the latter figure may be measured in three versions, depending on the location - urban, rural and mixed.There dashboard and for lovers of speed.They allow you to measure the exact time for which the machine is overclocked to "hundreds."Moreover, the driver does not have to press extra keys while driving.Mode "Maintenance" may not be present on all instruments.But if you find such a function, this dashboard "Priora" will be able to help you and will alert at the right time when to change the oil, filters, and even candles.Therefore, pay special attention to these tools and not pass them by.

Conclusion Overall, it was an incomplete list of things that can show you tune the instrument panel ("Prior").There is still a lot of features - and a variety of indicators and temperature sensors, and even electronic mileage counter.But in any case, your car will always be in good condition, and every day will delight the eye with its colored LEDs.