External tuning "Kalina" versatile person

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Over the entire period of its existence the domestic "Lada Kalina" has earned a lot of supporters.This car is very popular in Russia and Ukraine.And they buy it, not only young people, but also retirees.Such wide demand contributed to a rather beautiful design machines that no longer resembled the drivers about their Russian rigor and square.However, some craftsmen are ways in which you can improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the car and give it a more sporty look.In today's article we will look at how to make the external tuning.

"Kalina" versatile person (photo styling you see above) - a car that is very often "decorate" the owners themselves.And the first thing is better to get started is to replace conventional disks.Simple stamping does not give the car a menacing look.And if you want to do, "Kalina" more masculine and sporty, set her light alloy wheels.Fortunately, the range of such products today is very large, and to choose the right thing is not very difficult.However, this creates the problem of choosing the diameter rims.Most often, motorists are not at risk, do not experiment with the size and install 14-inch wheels.Of course, there are variations and with large values, but they are unlikely to improve the maneuverability characteristics.The fact is that even 15-inch wheels will impede the entry of cars in the turns.Therefore, the best option is to choose a wheel with standard size.

Tuning "Kalina" versatile person can not do without the installation of plastic "widgets."For example, the design will complement the new spoilers and bumpers.Also as an option you can buy splashes.External tuning "Kalina" versatile person is necessarily accompanied by the installation of the upper spoiler.The ideal choice is a universal version of the model "Albatross".By the way, this applies only station wagon, sedan because such things are not installed.

addition, you can take care of the new optics.Here tuning "Kalina" versatile person is no different from its "sisters" hatchback and sedan.Optics of all three is the same.Therefore, the store can not pay attention to the classification of the models.The best tuning kit - it's optics from the German manufacturer "Bosch".This company is engaged in an active manufacturer of such goods for all VAZ models, starting with "dozens" and ending with "PRIOR".Behind sportiness give LED lights and can be installed in front of the so-called "Angel Eyes".Also, do not get round the installation of new protivotumanok.They are inexpensive (about one thousand).But the effect is mesmerizing, especially when fog lamps are integrated into the new aerodynamic bumper.Such tuning "Kalina" versatile person definitely not be left unattended.In conclusion, I want to say about the optics that successfully complete the look of "Lada" LED repeaters turns on the side mirrors.

It had all the styling tips for domestic car "Kalina" versatile person.Interior tuning - this is a separate issue that requires more detailed consideration.