As well as cooking volnushki?

volnushki - is not the most common fungus on our tables.Partly because of the taste or too large prevalence issued rare summer lean on them.Even experienced mushroom pickers ignore them because they do not know how to cook and how to cook volnushki.Especially when summer mushroom, while they do remain on the sidelines.This is due, primarily, to varying taste.When inept and improper treatment they retain the bitter taste and lose all culinary "attraction."Therefore, proper preparation is necessary to know how to cook and how much time volnushki to get rid of the bitterness.Fresh mushrooms have a terrific flavor that makes them similar to milk mushrooms and saffron milk caps.And even if it is not the "great" in the production process of "quiet hunt", but the most accessible and, when properly prepared very tasty!

Generally, in our forests spread volnushek two types: white and pink.Season of mushrooms begins in mid-June and lasts till September.Volnushki - a plate mushrooms, their characteristic feature is the presence of concentric circles on the cap.She, in turn, as it always is tucked down and has a hairy edge.

Pink volnushki

Pink volnushki is conditionally edible mushrooms, and so it requires careful handling.The cap has a light pink color and can reach a diameter of 10 centimeters, and the leg - up to 2 cm in thickness.Flesh is snow white, dense structure.These fungi are very well to transport, do not break and do not darken sections.Inexperienced mushroom pickers can confuse pink volnushki with Sandy, but the resemblance is only at first glance.When fault pulp it is clear that it is white, not bright orange, like mushrooms, and there is a white milky sap.

White volnushki

White volnushki also conditionally edible grows in large groups in a clearing near the birch plantation.It has dense pubescence cap and stem.Strong has a white flesh, as well as in the pink variety, taste bitter.It is therefore important to know how to soak and boil volnushki how to keep the right balance, when the bitterness has gone, but the natural taste of the fungus remain.

Soaking volnushek

Method for processing of mushrooms can choose: salting, drinking boiled or fried.But first volnushki as kindred mushrooms must be soaked in water.The large capacity is necessary to put the mushrooms, cover them with cold clean water and leave for 4-5 days.The water for this time is to change 3-4 times.Sometimes soaking use saline solution.

Cold pickling volnushek

question of how to cook volnushki, most likely to occur when salting.Cold does not require boiling salted mushrooms.This is the traditional method that was used back in the old days in Russia.For many it is not credible and it is in vain - at cold Zasole mushrooms retain the maximum amount of nutrients and taste great.After soaking volnushek necessary to drain the water.Rinse them well and clean.Prepare banks or small wooden tubs.At the bottom you can put the leaves of horseradish, cherries or currants - to taste.The tub even layers volnushki stack, each layer pour salt.Lay down you need hats.Do not be afraid to overdo the mushrooms, they will take a salt as long as necessary.Cook volnushki not worth even for the reason that they lose their elasticity, and at the cold store Zasole distinctive crunch.Beyond what is necessary to put the oppression.If you use salted cold, then volnushki will be ready for use in 30-40 days.Capacity or tub should be put in a cool dry place and ready mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator.

hot pickling volnushek

About how much cooking mushrooms, volnushki in particular, should know every woman.For hot soak them first salting as much time as necessary.Cook volnushki too long does not make sense, it will be enough only lightly blanch in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

After that they should be spread out to the banks and fill pre-cooked marinade.The jar was added vinegar, is poured on top of a little vegetable oil to create an effect on the film surface.

pickles volnushek can prepare the filling for pies and cakes, add to salads or simply pour the sour cream, add the onion and serve with boiled or fried potatoes.

If you use salted mushrooms for stuffing in cakes, then they must be pre-soaked in water.

How to cook volnushki for immediate consumption?

volnushki boiled or fried - is a rarity.As a rule, they retain their bitterness, and so the use of this method is not very common.But mostly it's a matter of taste.How much cooking mushrooms volnushki or any other, also depends on their size, large cooked longer.In this case, it makes sense to cut large items.Boiled after soaking is necessary, until half - half an hour or 40 minutes.Water should not be much to boil the broth, you can add spices: black pepper, bay leaf, allspice.But after cooking water is drained and not further used.Then you need to add boiled potatoes volnushki and fry until cooked.

Boiled mushrooms can scroll through a meat grinder and make eggs or used as a filling for pies.

volnushki To confuse with any other poisonous and inedible mushrooms is difficult because they do not have toxic analogs, as, for example, honey.They have a characteristic sharp and pronounced a pleasant smell, like milk mushrooms.But if you are not sure, and next to no experienced mushroom picker, you better not risk it, leave them in the woods.