How to sew guys.

girls who suffered from obsessive fans - raise your hand!There are no such!Indeed, each of us at least once, but got into a situation where it molested a young man with anxious desire to meet.At the same time he did not care whether you are interested in meeting new people or not.Not really knowing how to sew guys in this situation, you're first trying to hint to him that he is not to your taste, and then firmly say "No!"But the obsessive fan that does not stop ... What to do?How to sew the guys with whom you are not on the way?Rather read the article!

Not so simple

Some young people come to the point where intrusive and boring that from them begins to feel sick!They somehow know your phone number and begin to get their empty calls they "stick" to you everywhere: in parks, discos, clubs and so on.Is the most proven way how to sew guys is a simple "no"?No!And at least for two reasons:

  1. Some uneducated person before that in vain do not understand the girl's firm "no."Rather, it acts on them ju
    st the opposite!They think that flirting with them so ...
  2. Here there is one embarrassing moment: sometimes just do not want to hurt a person, if a guy is something inherently good, good, but not to your taste.

As you can see, one negative response, you will not get off.It is necessary to connect the brain!After all, one of the two of you have to do it!So, turn your head!

How otshivat guys correctly

  1. Talk with obsessive guy.Talk calmly and steadily.Brought to its attention, that you are not with him on the way that you are absolutely different people that he has his own life, and you have - their own.
  2. Tell potential suitor that you already have another young man that he was nervous and jealous.If the boy does not understand the good, we begin to act in a bad way!

How otshivat guys once and for all

  1. Estimate mercantile girl.Once it starts you "ride on the ears", "cool" it by saying that you meet only with boys, have an expensive car, as well as big and thick ... purse!Brazenly ask him to buy you expensive ice cream, chocolate or cocktail.You can "finish off" him, asking about whether he had their homes.If, before the boy still does not come, he thinks you're kidding, go to the next option!
  2. It's quite vulgar and radical way, but sometimes it is simply necessary.If constructive conversation is impossible, the guy all muffled, as if in a tank, then tell him that you're a lesbian (or transsexual).Believe me, any guy such a statement will confuse and scare.At the time, I really helped this process.However, I'm a legend about his sexual orientation has added a story about the fact that I am mentally ill and now begin to shout to the whole neighborhood that I was raped.Then he got up and left.Boy also if the wind blew.Girls way to check!However, I doubt that my worshiper believed that I was a lesbian.Most likely, he thought, I'm not really friends with his head, and decided not to get involved.
  3. In the end, stand up and walk away.Begin to pursue - go to a crowded place, take the phone and shout loudly that call the police.Only without Ponto, girls.Said - done.Call the duty of, and said that you pursue.If you unbind the boy, as long as you talk, then immediately inform the attendant that he heard it and ran away.If you do not leave, then just stand and wait for the police outfit.

girls, guys are not difficult to sew.The main thing, really want it and do not give him a chance.Good luck!