Guessing on the needles (continued)

continue to get acquainted with one of the most faithful of divination - fortune-telling on the needles.Recall that need to pour a needle on a sheet of paper, mentally outlining one of them as "his."

If your ear is directed to the top or bottom left corner, this means that any changes have already taken place, or may have in the coming year, but they will require you to considerable effort.

If your needle has no connections (intersections) with the other needles, you will experience loneliness, you have to rely on their own strength, relationships with other people are short and fragile, but the situation is still stable.

your needle in the upper part of the sheet: you own situation and themselves will decide their fate in the new year.You are able to influence events.How do you want - so be it.But first, look at the trend: if your needle eye looking in the upper right corner, all right, and if the lower right - your influence events will gradually decrease.Eyelet directed in left corners: beware!The situation will require from you a considerable effort or misdeeds.

your needle in the lower parts, rely on the will of God.You are unlikely to be able to change something in their situation, so try to use it as much as possible.It is important to trace the relationship of your needle with the other (relationship), directed eye (trend), and the location of the needle curves.

It is best if all the needles, and the curves and straight lines, will be turned to your head: it means that none of the people around you will not hurt you.If the top of the adjacent needle (ear) touch yours, you expect surprises, the help of friends and success in business.However, any, and especially the curve of the needle, the tip of which it crosses your needle or just directed your way, means trouble, failure or loss.Therefore, the longer such a needle from yours, the better.The curve of the needle indicates premeditation.

If all three curves needle spikes turned away from yours, their position in the past or the future, it does not matter: your enemies will not reach the goal.

curves needle on the left side of the sheet (past) - it is unpleasant, that is behind us (if only the tip of your needle is not directed in the wrong direction: if it means that you do not give opponents to settle down).On the right, especially at the top, the curve of the needle can mean big trouble, waiting for you in the new year.Here again is important trend: better to meet the danger of eye or sharper than the whole body.

Straight needle directed ears in your direction, means help, support, good luck.

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