Why do girls do not write the first?

Today, young people are often faced with this problem: man gets acquainted with a young lady, they exchanged phone numbers, then the representative of the stronger sex to expect a call from the girl, and in response - silence.He can only guess why the girls do not write first.

Of course, in our society for a long time it turned out that the man - a chapter in the relationship, because it earner and breadwinner in the family.From this perspective, it is understandable why girls do not write first.If the stronger sex - is the leader in the relationship, and then the initiator must also be said.

However, among the experts on this issue, there are differences.Some believe that this man should approach the lady and tie a conversation with her, because by nature they are stronger than women.Others, however, wonder why girls are not the first to write your guys.They believe that the first step should be to do exactly the ladies because of his inexperience, the young man is afraid not to please the fairer sex, and refusal of further communication to him would be a disaster.As a result of his male ego will suffer.For a young man who cheated female attention, the question of why women do not write the first is the key, because the answer is he can look indefinitely.And yet ... A woman in the classic sense of the word - a gentle and defenseless creature, so her destiny - to wait for the conqueror.It does not matter, I like it or not.It just so happened ...

reasons that a woman is not taking the initiative itself

There are many reasons that explain why the fairer sex is not ringing or writes to his new friend.

course, a huge number of young people will be interested to learn that encourages Woman adhere to such tactics behavior.We consider this aspect in more detail.


She leads an active lifestyle, her education, work, she goes to classes at the fitness club.Time to communicate her often enough.Of course, if it is not an effect, that is no reason to think that the interest in the guy of her to be lost.In this case, you need to think together about how to make time for meetings, that all it was convenient.


Often the answer to the question about the reason why the young lady did not write the first young man lies on the surface.In Russian society, the foundations of education are that the girls from childhood to impose the idea of ​​what the boys have to dominate in the relationship, as mentioned above.They first need to say hello, come to meet, invite to dance or offer his hand and heart ... For they - men!

Certainly, for supporters of conservative upbringing answer to the question "whether to write the first girl" obvious.Of course.Naturally, almost all parents of girls and women are worried about the fact that their "krovinushku" is not accused of loose morals.No one is surprised that it was the first young man meets a young lady, she assigns the first romantic encounter, the first kisses her and makes ardent declarations of love.

How to interpret the situation if she wrote the first guy?

Drawing attention to his own person

often happens that the fairer sex does not write the guy just because he wants to attract the maximum attention on his part.Thus the behavior it intends to take possession of his heart completely, according to her script young man to think about it 24 hours a day.And to achieve this, he has a little nervous because of the fact that his calls are not answered.It should be recognized that this method of seduction a bit rude.It makes sense when a new acquaintance for a long time makes itself felt, and then suddenly starts ringing.

Of course, every woman wants to be the center of male attention, and for this it is prepared to go to great lengths.

excessive obsession of a young man

Some young people often exhibit excessive insistence to the object of his passion, constantly nazvanivaya girl and constantly wondering what she was doing and where he is.Of course, this behavior is a young man can not frighten the young lady, so it is unlikely to attempt first to write it.This guy can only advise to change the tactics of behavior and not be overly intrusive.

girl takes the initiative

How to interpret the situation if she wrote the first guy?Often the guys it's scary, because everyone thinks that first man must be interested in a lady, and write it, such as a text message.That is the stronger sex should seek the love of women.Of course, the lady has the right to pay attention to a little man that she is happy to continue to communicate with him.But only.The most well take the first step in a relationship it should be in very rare cases.Thus, the answer to the question of whether or not the girl to write the first is obvious.

In any case, the young person should be able to overcome their fear of the girl, first go to the young lady, or write to her.After all, he and a man!

As already stressed, the girl like it when a guy thinks about it, so his silence she is trying to get his attention to his person.

What to do if she does not have an effect?

Many guys speculated on why their ladies in no hurry to send them SMSes or calls.Of course, they want to influence the situation.In the meantime, do not need to do anything.To force her to write to you no one can.Yes, and this makes no sense.It is better to take the first step themselves, and after a brief communication is not possible that later she was the first to remind yourself.Perhaps this behavior pretty simple hints that it is necessary not just to collapse in bed, drinking beer, talking on the phone.It is interesting to you?So please, lift your ass from a soft and comfortable chair or couch and go for a personal meeting, of course, all the preliminary contract.However, this may not occur, and blame her not necessary.In any case, should monitor the situation of young people.

Social networking

The youth of today prefer to meet friends on the Web, and hang all day on social networks.Of course, for many people it is very convenient.

lot of guys interested in the question of why she wrote the first "VKontakte".Yes, it happens.To achieve this success, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of communication, for example, write an original commentary on her photo.

Generally, if a guy does not want to remain without attention of the opposite sex, he must not forget the wonderful words of a classic: "The smaller girl we love, the more she likes us."The main thing - do not overdo it.Good luck with beautiful ladies!