What is the complex sentence: explanation, types and examples

What is a complex sentence?This question was asked each student.How easy to determine what kind of offer to you: simple or complex?It is quite easy, the main thing - to know a few tricky features.

What is a complex sentence: definition, types and examples

complex sentence - this proposal, which is composed of more than one basis, they are interconnected by subordinating conjunctions.Also part of the proposal can be connected to the allied words.It is worth noting that, along with compound sentences have also slozhnosochinennye in which the parts are connected by the word "and", "but", "a", in some cases, it is the union "yes."So, before you determine what you have to offer, it should be noted grammar basis if there are two or more, then you need to ask a question from one of them.The part from which the question is asked, called the principal, and to which the question is asked - subordination.Slozhnopodchinёnnoe bid, examples of which will be described below, may include several types of connecting the parts, for example, parallel, serial.In parallel to the main question is part of the rest, with sequential - from each to the next.This suggests that the dependent parts of complex sentences is always unequal.

What is a complex sentence?Now the answer to this question is: is the proposal to the unequal dependent parts, which are connected subordinating conjunctions.Now you need to go to the classification.Compound sentences are attributive, adverbial which, in turn, are still about 7 subspecies and izjasnitelnyh.The first type - is the kind of proposal that sensitive part of the answers to questions of adjectives, that is, creates emotional color suggestions.For example: "Sad, because of which the house was not visible, was a famous place in the city."Complex sentences with subordinate izjasnitelnyh answers questions all cases except the nominative.It's easy to be confused with attributive, so it is important to ask the question.For example: "Nikita thinking the same thing about what his sister said before" .Samaya scale group - slozhnopodchinitelnye sentences with adverbial subordinate part here about 7 additional items: subordinate place, cause, purpose, condition, location, investigation andothers.They are fairly easy to distinguish: all the issues that can be assigned to adverbs, will be given in this case.Therefore, as a rule, determine the adverbial paranasal part is simple and easy.

slozhnopodchinёnnoe What is the offer?The answer to this question can be found in the article.In addition to the definitions in the article the classification of all types of subordination and types of subordinate units.With this information, we can safely go to the unified state examination, because some of the questions directed at an elevated level, it is associated with the task-specific type or kind of subordinate units in the sentence.