NKVD Chekist


Irina woke up early.The morning was extremely bright.The sun had just risen.Oct.Then began the fall, but the fall is somehow not felt, although almost a week were heavy rains.Rains this at such a time, as a rule, lower the temperature, and this time they were some guys and spicy, like milk.

day before yesterday, the storm broke.It would have jumped into the street barefoot.She thought of Victor, and burst into tears.He was arrested on a dark and rainy September night, accusing him of fodder shortage.She suddenly wanted to pray for Victor.She rushed headlong into Arharovskuyu church.Quickly peremahnuv "Burdin ravine" and buried in the gardens of the "Semenov Koponen", she went to the only in the region, miraculously preserved Orthodox church ... service had already ended.People began to disperse.Irina A. dropped to her knees and passionately whispered: "Vityusha!You are always with me.I always loved you, and now very, very much.I do not know how to read the prayer, to be calm.Oh, Vityusha

!How hard for me without you, how difficult and sick!What should I do?For that nowhere - I have no consolation.I disappear!I feel that I lost.But it really worse than others I? ... My God!If you have in heaven, do not you see my sufferings?I lost everything, even to lose?If you need my life, take it, but do not torture.Well, for what, for what? Tell me. "

Suddenly someone gently touched her shoulder.She shuddered and turned around, it was a collective farm accountant Arkhip Sidorovich.She noticed that his crafty eyes shine, and large drops of sweat sparked his wrinkled forehead.Enough Irinushka!Calm down.Do not torture yourself, without penalty - he gently nudged her shoulder.Listen to good advice, go to the area tomorrow, try to get an appointment with the head of the NKVD Comrade Nikolai Goncharov.He is a man with the concept, authoritative and everything else will settle.Victor comes home.

The next day, Irina A. with the first cocks went into the city.In Maloarkhangelsk she arrived only 14 hours of the day.The police told her that the head is sick, and pointed out the house ", where he lives. Approaching the house, she knocked hard. The door was unlocked, and she walked to the porch, where she met a security officer Communist Goncharov NV discovers her leadto him - good, ingratiating voice spoke - I love this time of year. Zhapa falls, flies become significantly smaller and the fruits of the juices of the earth almost burst. In the field go out, and then, suddenly, the web of flying, gold leaf adorn the poplar divine willow andmaples, birch and aspen ... I love the golden autumn. - He is blissfully like a cat closed his eyes. A little sad, but still happy. Do not, do not, Nikolai! - Irina A. cried. - What are you, methe bad news! And without that sad and sick, and you are on a slow death ...

- Well, well Irinushka! - murmured conciliatory security officer - will not be irritated. - Then that's what. Come, my soul, to me. ForgiveI was a sinner, I live a bachelor, you know yourself ... Went up to me alone, cleaned, and now the village left.At least a little dust wipe.According to the KIV-UHC head Irina A. smiled, she knew not what.Going into the room, they settled on a luxurious leather sofa and Irina A. reported to the chief purpose of his visit.

hesitated, Nikolai promised to go to Eagle and do something to help, then he treated her to a wonderful wine with a strange foreign name.Lightweight, with a subtle acidity and at about the same dose of effervescence, which led Irina A. in a good mood.

And when my heart was easy - the mood of her fall and get up immediately and it seems from Sauveur-shennogo trifle she suddenly fun, carefree laugh and said: -Nikolay Viktorovich, what about the dust?Gratuitous hand disappear.She lifted her strong peasant hands with short fingers and re-mi carefree laugh.For this it is necessary to work a treat.

Chekist wanted to make this venture a joke.But there it was - no really, dear savior - with a slight sneer she said.Sami asked for help ... I'm a laborer.For me, not scary fingers mess.Let's take a rag and a broom.

- Excuse me, Irinushka!- Pretending security officer pleaded.What kind of cleaning is now almost midnight.And then - not too dusty.I did admit to a little cheated.

-Do not know - she protested fun - a broom, a broom.Let's broom.Her eyes sparkled, his cheeks blush appeared.It strongly dropped his jacket and threw it on the sofa.Its lightweight semi-transparent blouse with a large cut on his chest stressed gorgeous bust and shorter skirt bared chiseled, glittering pristine white, slender shapely legs still did not give birth Slavyanka.It was all in a rush.And for people like Irina A., rush - a second life;in a rush, it can give a minute, that may be the happiest in my life, in a fit of the same people as she can and cause great sorrow.- Do you Irinushka without making a broom.I have another broom there.Chekist turned and left the library.A moment later he returned with the British vacuum cleaner in hand, a shiny green surface on which festive twinkling sparks of light.- Here's your broom Irinushka.Irina A. involuntarily said, "Oh-oh-oh!" And hesitantly picked up a heavy vacuum cleaner, not knowing how to handle it.

-C him easy to get along - come to the aid of the owner, who lived a long time in Paris.- Including yourself and Vod horn.Later I'll show you.Let's first roll out the carpet..-

Irina A. put the vacuum cleaner on the floor.To work, to work this way!Trophy carpet was heavy and not so easy it was to deal with it.His short Nicolai fussed around her, trying to help, but not much help, much disturbed.

Irina A. wanted to lift the edge of the carpet, but it was hard.She turned around and suddenly froze.Goncharova predatory narrowed eyes greedy fire burning, unable to break away from her feet.Skirt, suddenly frightened, she thought.The suit worn it today was even better, but rather shabby and double wash, so the skirt substantially shortened.Inspired by the work, Irina A. completely forgot about it.She straightened up, but it was too late.Chekist trained sharp movement rushed to her, grabbed her skirt and pulled with a force to itself.Hooks burst, burst, and then a dry matter crash shattered skirt.Irina A. wanted to jump aside, but tangled in splozavshey clothes and fell to the carpet.

Chekist, invincible movement strong like steel poured hands crumpled and twisted it.She screamed, but he held her mouth.- Shut up, fool!- No one will hear, at least until morning cry.All equal, but my will.You have no other roads.

forces gradually left, and Irina A. Goncharov took possession of her body.Never in her difficult, confusing life has not happened.She met with the men, but whatever it was, there are always respected man.And here deceit and brute force Cop.From burning shame, she covered her face with her hands and bitter, like a woman sobbed inconsolably.Chekist straightened major's breeches, and then glanced at his next victim.- Well, what revesh- something?Recover!

still can not resist the kativshihsya cheeks tears, she tried to put himself in the dock-smacking.However, all her efforts were in vain: the needle is required, but to ask her was disgusting.

'said - frames - is a stern voice echoed Goncharov, and sit down at the table.- I can not sit down.Conscience is necessary to have a damn monster!Irina A.

become angry, and her tears soon dried up.She stood up, turned sideways to him and showed what has become of her clothes.- Admire, Soviet Cheka!Ah you, my God, are you, said Goncharov and briskly went into the next room.

Irina A. saw how he forged a merchant opened the trunk and began to take out of it a thing of the thing.One look, another kryaknet, rushed to the lid of the chest and pulls out a third.Finally chosen, I closed the trunk, put the key in his pocket and went back into the hall.-Take

, Irinushka.The smallness too wide, but it'll do ... Irina A. backed by stretch-that her things boyars resembling long-skirted dress.-I do not need.- Take the stupid.This is one thing no one wears.From Berlin brought.-No, I'll take.Give a needle and thread.After receiving the needle, she went to the library.

Well, then writhed something of yourself?- Stop her boss, - worked here.No, no secrets.Concha were secrets.I had to obey.The flash of anger passed and Irina A. felt completely broken.Cringe, she sewed a shirt and Goncharov walked around the room and bro-fats on her glare.

hour later, somehow cope with mending clothes, Irina A., dressed and ready to leave.- Oh, no, my love!- Chekist blocked her way.- So we are not supposed to.He took her by the shoulders and squeezed them, like hoop strength and sat at the table.

-Otkushaem, Irinushka, all that God has sent, - he said cheerfully, pulled himself and the visitors' stacks, well, who immediately filled to the brim.- Here's to love and forget our sins.Irina A. Fear gripped.-I Can not, comrade ....You know.I fell off a little ... -Beda, - stated the security officer.Piled -podnimu.Bed, thank God, not disasters, want to sleep alone, do you want with me.Irina A. jarred by these words, but Goncharov pretended not to notice.-Keep

, Irinushka.Well, that's slavnenko!Come on, my love!No, no to the end ... Irina Alec-seevna nearly choked on a glass of burning Pervatsch.Peel and thought to the end, until the end, is looking at you, a Communist fighter for world revolution.

drunk it once, but Goncharov immediately offered her a second.She refused.He again used force, grabbed her by the shoulders, with a mighty hand Chekists squeezed her head and began to pour vodka into his mouth.She gasped, coughed.

-Privykay love to urban food - hollow trembling voice told the security officer.- Enough to eat a radish.In your life you can find in abundance fools who chertomelit used;Then he drank a glass of Pervatsch, nothing chewed and sniffed tobacco and spoke again, Irinush-ka, eat bacon, aspic, chicken.Everything we have and everything always will be, then he winked valiantly and velvety voice began to sing: "I remember the Vanino port

And the view of the steamer" Grim "

How were the prisoners on board ...

In the cold, the dark holds".

graduating from singing, he sadly shook his head and said: "Prison - the foundation of the Communist regime."

Irina A. increasingly becoming exhilarated.She could not remember what he said the security officer, but it is good to remember what happened to her afterwards.

.... woke up in the morning Irina A., Goncharov was snoring nearby.Completely naked they lay on the floor, on the carpet, which was spread yesterday.Oh, my God, shame-then what!Irina A.

something like barely dressed and moving the feet, walked to the sink.After the cold water she felt better, but still she felt that one can hardly get home to his native Kamenka.

had to lie down on the sofa.From the audience came the mighty - sobbing snoring security officer, who inspired her horror.Finally, unable to bear this torture, she firmly closed the doors of both rooms, but it did not help.Snoring shook the oak wall Cop home.Irina A. decided to leave.She stepped to the oak paneled door behind her and suddenly hoarse commanding bass: -Udrat Lyubushka mine, this house is not so simple.All on the locks, and the window - hour.Irina A. all froze and turned around.Goncharov stood naked in the doorway.He scrubbed a hand hairy chest, yawned full width Cop mouth and alert eyes watching IrinoyAlekseevnoy.

-But me my house ... we must - have time - he said indifferently.Come to the table.Retorted Irina A. did not dare.She walked meekly, as if all his life he obeyed.Goncharov, even GRO-losnuv face, naked to the waist, sat down at the table, Irina A. He sat opposite.-Esh, Irinushka or not, let's get drunk, the ancient Slavic tradition.What we've got left?- He lifted the bottle to the light, and with regret: Oh, yazvi ... those on the bottom.Slavnenko we're gulnul.Two liters, is gone.This is how we live.He laughed, then got up and padded barefoot into the other room became rattling keys.Soon he returned with a bottle of "pepper-ing" under his arm, with a large dish of cabbage in one hand and a jar of murky liquid liter.

-Otveday Single rassolchiku.Great, a remedy after a good booze.-Oh, Do not, - Irina A. raised her hands.The owner was surprised -neuzhto refuse?-He Shrugged and gentle voice, which are thinly veiled irritation spoken - nesluh you Irinushka! ... He sighed and drank cucumber pickle.He drank every drop, grunted as a collective farm hog and quite rubbed his right hand over his stomach.

-That's because something from us.Now open the bottle and a glass.With a hangover, it will be very slavnenko.

-Comrade Goncharov ... Nikolay.Viktorovich - begged Irina A. - I can not see that damn potion, and without it stirs up, and you, again, for the vodka.Here you cross the saint!- My dear!Cross by devils and Germans fleeing, and I've come with good going - he poured her a glass of 2/3 and said sternly: - enough to stand on ceremony.Since I handed their fate in my hands - to know how to obey !!!Drink, my love.For your own good I say.Irina A. obediently took the glass and swallowing her tears with the wine began to drink half.I drank a few sips, her breath suddenly swung, has launched a glass in the corner.Glass clinked shattered.She wanted to cry out, how long it will torture her?But ... her voice refused.

-Duhom gone?Do not be afraid, Irinushka, it happens.On-Koch cabbage.Take it, take it, it will be better.And indeed it became much better.She laughed.Then it seemed to her that the security officer swinging from side to side and he suddenly split in two ... Goncharov laughed too, though no one had laughed at the two and both were drawn to her with glasses.Irina A. did not resist, and saw, and Goncharov stood over her and said that the feasibility of this is a methodological procedure, when a person is taken away and beaten up until he signed his own death warrant, that Victor pleaded guilty and gave him ten years,that stealing is there a way to find their bread the hungry, and the Communists to get free workers.

Suddenly Irina A. began to fall somewhere, and it was later, she no longer remembered.In the morning she woke up: a headache, aching back, legs cramp cramp.Goncharov was sleeping in another room.She dressed quickly and quietly went to the window.In the East, it has shone a thin strip of dawn -Rassvet.-Neuzheli Slept the whole day?Cried cocks.Irina A. to easily find shoes and taking them into the hand gently opened the window.A breath of fresh night ... Perched on the windowsill, she crossed herself and jumped into the flower bed, then gently opened the gate and went out into the street and wearing shoes hurried to his native Kamenka.

In the East, more and more brightly flared dawn.There was a chorus of chirping birds.On the road, she decided.Hooked on peat, to forever leave the land of their fathers, which established Cop power.

Kokin Valeriy