The festive wall newspaper on February 23

since school years, we know what a wall newspaper, as it is doing and why it is needed.No celebration, no action or did not do without the presentation of its application.New Year, International Women's Day, April Fool's Day, Teacher's Day, on September 1 and last call - a topic for registration wall newspaper.Typically, such a man-made edition produced several people who were cool editorial board.Of course, it consisted of the most creative people who can draw well, write, write.

Wall newspaper on February 23 are always created exclusively female half of the team.The girls put in a creation of his feelings to a strong part of humanity.Fatherland Defender's Day is celebrated by boys and young men, who in the future will serve the motherland, adult males - those who have already paid the duty to defend their country.

How well do the wall newspaper on February 23?Here you need to show not only his deep respect for the defenders of the Fatherland.To express the high sense require bright, interesting, unusual shape.We must give play to imagination, to use all your skills.Useful capacity of poets and prose writers, photographers and artists simply, and, of course, just can not do without visionary, resourceful and witty man.The shape of the newspaper can be either traditional - a large sheet of paper and other unusual.For example, the newspaper - envelope paper - book, newspaper - scroll, etc.To wall newspaper on February 23 was a very colorful and interesting, it will be necessary to think in advance about what will be shown on it.For some time before the holiday have to worry about it.Someone offered to take photos of men (boys) and paste them into beautiful frames, for each make a signature with the name, surname and congratulations and wishes, someone will offer to draw a huge tank and a bouquet of flowers - it is the most common symbol of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.Perhaps make a frame around the edges of the small plate painted military symbols.An interesting a part of the wall newspaper would become a colorful envelope, where all congratulating could lower the notes as desired.Beautiful background for all creation would be drawn in salute.At the top of the poster have to be the inscription "From February 23!", Written by the huge beautiful letters.

something like this you can meet the wall newspaper of February 23, in school and in high school hallways.

How to decorate greetings for men of their colleagues, comrades and relatives in the service?If this greeting from the staff of your organization or company, perhaps a lot of options, how it will look to the wall newspaper on 23 February.Of course, not to do without the photos of those who congratulated the team.They can be made as simple as, and in the comic as a cartoon.For example, it may be a figure of soldiers heads to attach your colleagues.Fotosharzhi can be created using Photoshop.All will be fun to see yourself in an unexpected form.In addition to the photos on the paper must be the texts of congratulations.In prose or verse you congratulated his men had to solve to you.The most valuable option is a poem composed by himself.Wall newspaper on February 23 have to be framed drawings - symbols of the holiday, military attributes.

most important thing - to try to manufacture a festive wall newspaper and put it in his good feelings and attitudes.There is no limit to the possibility of putting your ideas.Invent, experiment, joking and a declaration of love - it's all very festive decorate your creation.