What to feed your baby with a mixture?

happens that some young mothers are faced with such a problem as a lack of breast milk.And then the child is hungry, gets nervous.To feed his favorite child, mothers think over the choice of high-quality mix.But in order to select it properly, you need to know a few criteria.For now milk formula for children on the market in a wide range, they differ from each other by quality, price, structure.

So, we proceed to the choice of

course, breast milk - it's the best product, but if not, then you need to look for a quality alternative.Mixtures which are more similar in composition to human milk, called adaptive.They are easier to split and are perceived by the body of the baby.Such products can be used for children from birth.

Also pay attention to the numbers that are shown in the boxes with food.They are from one to three.Ones designed for children from birth to six months, deuce - Bole for seniors and a triple - from one to three years.These figures are important, because the composition of the mixture changes, and it becomes more fat and nutritious.

It often happens that children under one year have problems with digestion, so there is a mixture of probiotic and simbiotikom.They are able to adjust the digestion, relieve colic and bloating.Also, there are products of Allergy and prevents regurgitation.

For older kids

When your child grows up, it will be possible to use a mixture with rice, oatmeal and buckwheat, as they are very useful and nutritious.

In addition, the choice of food should know that it is as required cooking and fast food, but the quality of them made the same.Just my mother will have to tinker a bit, which is not very comfortable at night.

If you choose should not be taken at once a large stack, as you selected infant formula may not be suitable malyutke and cause allergies, constipation, colic.It is best to take a small sample bag, and then, if pleasant to come and buy a big pack.Naturally, the larger the package, so it is more profitable.But do not forget that saving the health of a child is impossible.Better to buy a means for feeding reputable manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market.And be sure to pay attention to the shelf life and integrity of the package with the purchase.