The resourceful student

One lecturer terribly loved to shoot students with cribs.

A palil course, professionally ... Sometimes all write, and how he will jump!And let's look under the desk!And if you find something - just trembles with joy!And student throws.And he liked to read a newspaper while students write, or is there a magazine "Ogonyok".Following, then, and sometimes so intently at the audience glances.

Well one day before the exam people sit at their desks all strive to get away, but one friend sits right in front of the teacher.

Got all job write puff, a couple of people have kicked the rest not so much a cheat sheet - a handkerchief to get scared.Pouspokoilsya little prepodch, villages, the newspaper launched a reading.Sometimes suspicious noises down a newspaper and commercials on the students would look like!

Again reads.Here

student in the front row shamelessly pulls from his pocket a thick abstract, deploys it to the desired page, and puts on the table To teach!And he starts to write off quietly.

He smells a rat, a newspaper down (in the abstract!) And looks at the student.He currently writes something - the whole operation.Prof raises a newspaper, read on.Students continue to write off.

The audience starts to giggle.Prof dramatically lowers a newspaper and looking at the student in the face.It's nothing.Gets up, he goes his side, a couple of times passed through the audience.It's nothing.

look under their desks.Empty.He shrugs his shoulders, sits down at a newspaper.Students continue to write off.The audience begins quiet hysteria.Student calmly turns the page synopsis.Everyone in the audience is already crying.Prof throws newspaper leaps and literally scours student.Of course, nothing is.This is repeated several times.

Finally, the student relief unnoticed by the teacher (for a newspaper) hides abstract back into his bosom and hands work.Then the teacher can not stand.

- You wrote off!

- What are you ... .... (patronymic name), as much as possible ... You have seen ...

- I did not see, but I know that you wrote off!BUT HOW?!

- Oh, no ... That guys will confirm ...

- That's what the young man.Tell me how you did it, and I bet you four.

student explains.Prof reluctantly displays in zachetke "good."Applause.Curtain.

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