Rich by all the rules, or How to do business profitable

People who have repeatedly asked yourself how to do profitable business to get rich fall into three categories.Those who belong to the first category, immediately opening his own company.If it "burns" or open up a new, or depressed (and debts) and throw their initiative.Second ponder long and hard how to do profitable business, but did not dare to open their own business.Third, spending a lot of time for reflection and analysis, we begin to work for themselves and succeed in a short time.Moreover, the paradox is that the normal dealer carrots on the market can make the state more quickly than the seller of expensive gold jewelry.Although a paradox?It all boiled soup, and afford an elite trinket can not everyone and not every day.Leaving aside the optimists (the first category) and theoreticians (second), let's think about how people find the right answer to the question: "What business is beneficial to do?".

start from scratch

first have to get at least minimal knowledge about the directions in which to develop modern small business.In fact, only four areas: offices, mediation, production and trade.Each area has its own peculiarities, but there are also some things in common.In provincial towns, especially small, no income, no direction associated with the word "dear."Building or jewelry, shoes and textiles of high quality (and therefore prices) can afford only the most imperceptible fraction of buyers.Want to get rich - count on the middle class and the poorest.Here is an example.Daily revenue store where everything (from toys to fans) is 38 rubles, many times the income of high-end jewelry salon.The latter does sometimes happen "unbribable" days.The theory mastered, move on to the analysis.Before you decide what business is now profitable to engage miscalculated the state of the market demand, its financial resources and time required to set up shop and return on investment.In Rostov-on-Don at a distance of 2 km there are 14 hairdressing salons.Thriving one: mowing it costs 150 rubles, and the rest - from three hundred.Go ahead.As soon found out what niche is free, do not think about how to do profitable business, and that like for you, so you can devote all your soul.Now compare your preferences with free niches.If they match (for example, you love to draw, and in your town no one sells paintings) - excellent.If not - all is not lost.You may be able to help me?For example, they will look for customers, and you - to enter into the transaction.Now just need to calculate the profitability of the idea.For this there are special payments, which also have to be found before deciding what to do profitable business.However, the answer to that question can be short: "Those who do not have in your town, and it is needed."But even then the answer would have to analyze: what is missing in the city and that you personally will be able to give him.