What dream girlfriend.

Dreams - it does not always answer our subconscious to the events that took place during the day.Sometimes it is a manifestation of some sverhintuitsii, that is, predicting the future.Night dreams may warn of the dangers, or, conversely, to be harbingers of something good.Therefore, never fading interest in all sorts of interpretations of certain subjects.For example, what a dream girl?Of course, the interpretation in this case will largely depend on how events unfolded.

common interpretation

Dreams with her friends do not always predict the events connected with this particular person.In this case, most often it refers to a loved one.That is a dream foretells events associated perhaps with someone of your relatives, or, indeed, friends.There is a second possible explanation of what the dream girlfriend.Perhaps the dream foretells any events associated with a person of the same name.

importance of the emotional component

To properly interpret such a dream, it is important to pay attention to al

l the details of the "plot", and especially meaningful.Remember how it looked like your girlfriend, what would she wears what she did and what you said?It is important not so much the specifics, how much is your personal attitude to all this.In order to precisely determine what dream girlfriend, you need to pay attention primarily on their own emotions.If the actions, appearance or words of this man caused rejection you definitely can interpret this dream as foretelling any trouble.

Pay attention to the mood of the girlfriend in her sleep.If it was something happy or fun, it is a significant change in your life.Sad girlfriend - big trouble.Sleep, in which she hurt you, advises to pay more attention to family and friends.The quarrel with a friend says that you have a secret enemies, and fight - the impracticability of the central dream of your life for a long time.

What dream friend girl or woman

young women and girls girlfriends dream mostly gossip.Also, some commentators believe that such a "plot" heralds the beginning of the new romance.If the friend in the dream did not participate in any significant events, but just slipped "in passing", is to go shopping or to the hairdresser.If

girlfriend dreamed man

Men girlfriend dreams mostly for a date or even engagement.Sometimes it can also be an adventurous romantic adventure.However, such a dream - it is also a harbinger of what may have to pay for the pleasure of some unpleasant disease.So for casual sex should be treated in this case very carefully.

pregnant girlfriend

dream in which you see your best friend pregnant, says that it is likely at this time is very need your participation and support.A girl or woman in a position - an indication that it is under someone's strong influence, that is, he wants to match the far-fetched ideal.

also dream to see a girlfriend pregnant - is problems in your personal life.Most likely, you will quarrel with her lover or husband.This dream can, among other things, and herald a worsening of various kinds of chronic diseases.You certainly should pay more attention to their health.

If seen in a dream a pregnant girlfriend in reality really is "in position" is the vision says that it will have an easy delivery.You can call her and cheer such good news.

very bad if pregnant girlfriend in a dream saw a man.Bach it foretells the collapse and bankruptcy plans.Married same - the illness of his wife.

What dreams former girlfriend

dream in which the protagonist is a former girlfriend - gossip and problems in his personal life.The emotional component of the plot in this case is also important.However, the interpretation thus is fundamentally different from the explanation of the dream of the friend with whom you maintain a relationship and at the moment.That is, if you are chatting peacefully in his sleep with the former good friend is in trouble.Conversely, a quarrel - a good sign.It is even possible that you are familiar with this reconciliation.

course, thinking about what dreaming ex-girlfriend, you should pay attention to the importance attached to it yourself.Perhaps such a story does not mean and does not herald anything at all.This is the case if a special experience this dream you did not make.

old friend

If you dream you saw a man with whom were friends many years ago, but I have not met, it says, most likely, the desire to still see.Also, as soon as possible to obtain news from him.Another answer to the question about what a dream an old friend, it's like in the previous two cases, rumors and gossip.But such an explanation is valid only if your attitude toward it - it's not just nostalgia and pleasant memories, but also to keep the emotional component, in which every woman is perceived as a competitor.

deceased friend

Now let's see what dreams deceased friend.Most often such a plot alerts you to the possibility of serious challenges in life.Also, such a dream may indicate that you need to support the family and at the same time is likely to help you get them.If the deceased girlfriend was dissatisfied with something, or upset, it could spell all sorts of trouble and quarrels with relatives.Be sure to listen to the advice given her.This is usually a very good help in real life.And, of course, the friend who died, as well as all the dead, can dream just to the weather.

Thus, to see her friend in a dream - it is likely to trouble in his personal life and gossip.But perhaps you are simply not given his close enough attention to the person, and you should meet and mentally talk a cup of tea or coffee.