Men Greek names - an important part of the cultural heritage

Men Greek names, without a doubt, the most important component of not only the history of Greece, but of the whole of Hellenic civilization.Thus, they become an important part of the cultural heritage of the country.Most modern names are true Greek origin.This identifies several categories, which you can spend a classification.

The first group can be safely attributed all names derived from the names of the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon.A large number of parents want to give a child is naming, which would make him successful and famous.And what can be known to the ancient deities?However, such male Greek names can cause some harm as a beautiful and interesting sound does not mean a happy life.When choosing such a name should be given a lot of attention and interpretation, as well as the actions that were committed by this deity.

second category boldly carry Greek names for men, which stretch back to the origins of Christianity.In general, it should be noted that the Orthodox calendar has had a huge impact on a lot of different cultures.However, it is not only children Greeks borrowed out of naming, but also formed a set of derivatives that are known to not less than the original version.

third category takes a big place in the history and development of names.This includes male Greek names, which have been borrowed from other languages ​​and cultures and over time adapted to the local traditions of the pronunciation of words.Such converted naming arisen as a result of mixing with the Persian, Arabic, Spanish and many other nationalities.

Currently, modern Greek male names are popular enough, therefore the parents who want to name the baby in this way will be a variety of options to choose from.

traditional consecration of the child's parents must pay attention not only on the pronunciation of the name, but also on its interpretation, as well as the source of its origin.Therefore, it is recommended to choose names that mean different positive character traits that will give confidence to the child.A good example might be male Greek names Agamemnon ("very resolute"), Adrastus ("brave"), Alexandros ("Defender of Mankind"), Ieros ("shining") and many others.In this case, it is believed that the boy will grow brave, strong and courageous man.

as the people of many other countries, the Greeks believed that the name is a kind of talisman against evil deeds of people.Therefore, it was chosen not only as a farewell message, but as a security outpost.Thus parents have given the child a verbal defense.Modern moms and dads, of course, are less susceptible to such beliefs.Currently, the most widely known names:

  • Azarias - "God's help".
  • Alexandros - "defender of mankind."
  • Anatolayos - "Sunrise".
  • Democritos - "judge people."
  • Dimitris - "loving the land."
  • Jesus - "salvation."
  • Konstantinos - "stable".
  • Leonidas - "son of a lion."
  • Nikolaos - "a victory of people."
  • Pavlos - "small".
  • Filippos - "lover of horses" and many others.