What tells the weeping icon?

Mirotochenie images of saints, along with radiance and fragrance - it is a special sign of the icon of God, entrusted to it by signs of some special mission for the people presenting to mankind a specific message.In the history of the Orthodox Church, there are many miraculous images.

Mother Patroness

Not surprisingly, most of these icons are images of the Virgin, the heavenly Advocate humanity.Who else is so worried about their children, but the mother?Icon weeping Virgin mourns his careless children, that is, to us, laments our negligence, our suffering from the fall.Image exude not only tears or ointment, and the blood, the appearance of which is considered to be an omen, a harbinger of misfortune.

image of the Holy Virgin recognized as miraculous as they help people - healed the ill defended against enemies and natural disasters.Icons move, acquires, stream myrrh, their help often accompanied by the phenomenon of the Virgin to someone in a dream, in which it specifies the place of finding her image.

Saints miraculous image of the Virgin

most common weeping icon with a face of the Mother of God - this Pryazhevskaya, Elijah, Chernihiv, and the Kazan-Vysochinovskaya, Novgorod icon of the Mother of God crying, "Tenderness" and this is not a complete list of sacred images, the famous Orthodoxworld.

Historical facts "weeping" images

Miracle called "weeping icon" was the people in ancient times.Back in the 4th century AD mirotochit Pisidia image of Our Lady of Sozopol.In the 13th century Great Ustyug citizens prayed for the salvation of the city from the hailstones, and a wonderful ointment appears on the icon of the Annunciation.In 1592 itself saved the icon of Virgin Mary weeping, entitled "In Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary."The robbers stole the holy image from Mount Athos, frightened, began to cry when the icon, and immediately returned to its place.

In 1848 in the Moscow home of a colonel at Easter zamirotochil list image of the Mother of God "Surety of Sinners".Drops of myrrh, which had an oily texture and a very pleasant aroma, then healing the sick.

In 1991, at Christmas in Moscow Nicholas Monastery Perervinsky crying Reigning Icon of the summer of the same year in Vologda temple at the sight of the Holy Face of Our Saviour there were tears, weeping icon with a face of the Virgin in a local church and struck the inhabitants of Georgia.

repeatedly baffled and surprised the icon of the patron saints of the Russian tsars, such as streamed myrrh Fedorov icon in 1994.This happened in Tsarskoye Selo.When members of the royal family were officially recognized as martyrs, Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God gave off a strong perfume, favorite Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.Later this became known to all the flavor of "Red Moscow".

When the blood flows for icons

When the holy image of the bleeding, it's not just weeping icon.A dream in which you see it, a sleep is interpreted as an omen of a bad sorrowful event.Historical facts bleed holy faces and events that took place later, someone can be considered a simple coincidence, but many clergymen believe the appearance of blood in the holy image of an omen of disaster.

For example, at the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, the icon is weeping blood.This is an image of "The laying of the crown of thorns."The plot is a story about the abuse of the Romans of Jesus in the last hours of his life.

Since the beginning of our era this way bled three times, and all the cases occurred on the eve of Easter.In 1572, a few days before the massacre of St. Bartholomew in the image of bloody fluid flowed, and on August 24 in Paris was destroyed nearly a third of the population.The second case occurred in 1939, shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War.Finally, in April 2001, a fact witnessed bleed sacred image affected pilgrims on the night of Holy Saturday, and September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks subsequently collapsed New York skyscrapers, the tragedy has claimed hundreds of lives.So if the facts were not the appearance of bloody tears to form a kind of signs portend trouble?

What can we say that crying Iver icon of the temple of the village all the villagers struck Zelenchukskaya bloody tears just before the war in Chechnya?It is also a sign of the tragic and tears appeared on the way to the Beslan school siege September 1, 2004.

little scientific

Currently set up and operate a special organization to identify the causes and sources of myrrh-streaming icon.These commissions include a group of scientists of different disciplines and theological diaspora.

In 1999, the Moscow Patriarchate has agreed on the basis of the Committee, whose mission is to describe the facts of the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon that ever took place in Russia.It was found that the ointment is different in appearance, color, odor and texture - has a thick, viscous as tar, but there is transparent, like dew.Miro has a very stable and thick smell of roses, lilac and incense.The shape and size of the droplets is also very different from each other.Sometimes the drops appear on the whole image, sometimes oozing dot.There are cases of flow ointment against gravity - from the bottom up, in fact, it is believed that the impact of myrrh updates icon, paint the image becomes brighter.

they live?

Patriarchate of Moscow is also involved in research Miro released icons.The conclusions are made about the composition of the Patriarchate miraculous substance, say that it is a protein substance of unknown origin.We investigated different types ointment, some of them are similar in composition to the oil, tears or human plasma his blood.For example, analysis of the myrrh, exudes holy relics resting in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, it has shown that it is based - a protein that can generate only living creature.And really weeping icon of the really meaningful sends us certain signs?Scientists do not have an answer to this question.And you?