Cologne Cathedral in Germany - World Heritage Site by UNESCO

place chosen for the construction of the cathedral, is no coincidence.Since ancient times it was a religious center for the local Christians.Cologne Cathedral in Germany, built in the Gothic style, is a World Heritage Site.It was erected on the site of several generations of churches.

Construction of the cathedral lasted almost two hundred years.Of course, today many surprise such huge construction time, but if you imagine when this was the fact that in those days, and there was no trace of construction equipment, it becomes clear why the 157-meter high building was built so long.

Cologne Cathedral.Architecture and history

idea of ​​building a cathedral arose long before the start of its construction.In 1164, Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, after the conquest of the Italian city of Milan presented the Archbishop of Cologne, Rainald von Dassel remains of the Three Kings and the Holy Magi, hitherto kept in Milan.First, these holy relics for ten years created the sarcophagi of precious metals and semi-precious stones.However for their storage, it was not enough.It was necessary to build a cathedral church.

But the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is not in a hurry to build.Only later, in '84, after the acquisition of relics was laid the first stone in the foundation of the temple.This happened in 1248, and became the founder of the Cologne Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden.From that moment, a huge team of builders from all over Europe have begun to build the Cologne Cathedral.In Germany, this city, among other things, was of great political significance and was considered one of the most powerful.Therefore, owning a cathedral for the city was not just a fad, but a necessity.

aim of the architect Gerhard von Riehl was the desire to become famous all over the world and stay in the memory of generations by building a truly grand cathedral, which by its size and originality of design eclipsed to all pre-existing Christian churches.Nevertheless, the architect for example were taken some French cathedrals.A feature of these temples were high arches, pilasters, arches, pointed in the middle and aspiring skyward.This ensured the penetration of light into the interior and created some special atmosphere inside the church.When the construction of the church was nearing an end, the architect Rila have not had in the world, but it sure would be proud of his brainchild.

Cologne Cathedral in Germany, has a truly magnificent view.Especially beautiful interior.Outside the church is a two-headed giant with sharp spikes on the sky, closer to God.Nearby flows the majestic Rhine.

Even after opening the door of the temple construction on it continued for several centuries.Kelntsy want to perfect their pride - Cologne Cathedral.Photos in the article show the grandeur of the building of the temple and the most important relics that after construction had been placed inside the cathedral.They also praised the glorious German city on the whole Christian world.