"Motherland" in Volgograd - a monument in honor of the great battle

monument "Motherland" in Volgograd is supposed, as its prototype Izotov Valentin, a resident of this city.She was chosen for this honorary role, once sent from the capital model is not liked by the sculptor types.The team found its masters "muse" in a restaurant where the waitress worked Valya, and they worked in a long time to persuade catering student to accept the role of Artist's Model.A woman posing for two years on several hours a day, holding in the hands of rail symbolize the sword.Payment for her work at the time was very decent - three rubles a day.

Everyone should know that the sculpture "Motherland" in Volgograd is part of the composition dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad.During this battle, killing about 1.219 million Soviet soldiers, destroyed about a thousand tanks and two thousand aircraft.Search teams are still finding the remains of soldiers and buried near the village Rossoshka in Gorodishche area.In general there are only estimates since 1993 were buried about 48 000 people from different countries.

statue "Motherland" in Volgograd, built on an earthen mound chetyrnadtsatimetrovoy in the land of which also lie the remains of those who in 1942-1943.I fought the enemy in the area.The total weight of the female figure is 8 tons.An interesting feature of the design is that the monument is not attached to the substrate in any way, i.e.It is just under the weight of its own weight and due to the configuration of features.In addition, it is noteworthy that the sword in his hand weighs much more than the figure - more than 14 tons.

Height "Motherland" in Volgograd, is that for many years it was considered the tallest monument in the world (85 meters).Today, he is surpassed by statues such as the monument to Peter the Great in Moscow (about 96 meters), the Victory Monument in Moscow on Poklonnaya Hill (141.8 m), a statue of Buddha in Japan (about 120 meters).It was supposed to establish a 36-meter high monument, which later decided to increase.

monument "Motherland" in Volgograd - this is the work of the famous Soviet masters Vuechicha, created sculptural portraits of many military commanders, as well as the song "Swords into Plowshares" (New York) and a monument to "victorious warrior" in Berlin's Treptow-park.Creation Wizard is surrounded by five dozen spotlights, which established a system for the opening of the monument in October 1967.

Sculpture "Motherland" in Volgograd during the years of its existence, has undergone minor changes.In particular, for the construction of wind swung in the sword were made holes.Then a 33-meter blade has been replaced with a lighter.In the mid-80s of the last century, and in 2010 the monument was strengthened to correct the allowable deviation angle of the statue.So, before the last work was found in the overall deviation of two hundred and eleven millimeters in the permissible value in two hundred seventy-two millimeter.The situation emerged due to changes in the status of groundwater, as well as the characteristics of the materials from which made the statue.