How to equip a balcony?

For many home owners, this question is relevant.Often, because of the small size of the balcony of people just do not know how it can build.Therefore, most of it is converted into an extra closet where to store the dates, and not things.But if you put a little imagination and effort, you can turn a balcony into a wonderful place to relax.

Zoning balcony

If you decide to provide additional space in your apartment, you must decide how to arrange the balcony, to become a harmonious continuation of the room.For example, if it is in the bedroom, and there you can create a small office or a cozy sitting area.If it is adjacent to the kitchen, you can bring to a balcony dining group or cabinets for storing various utensils.

When you have defined the idea of ​​space, you can start zoning.For example, if you decide to arrange on the balcony of the office, consider where you will put the table that it was convenient for him to approach.Then measure the remaining space and think about whether you put a small

desk chair or fit a small folding chair.On the wall can be arranged shelves for documents.This option is available only for the glazing and insulated balcony.If you are going to use this additional space, the whole year, without it you can not do.

How warm a balcony?

to know how to build a balcony with his own hands the novice home handyman, you need to learn some of the rules and procedure of the work.

First we need to deliver high-quality plastic windows.They may be single or dual chamber.This work, if you are new in the construction business, best left to professionals.The quality of the installation of windows depends largely on the final result.Next, warm and decorate the balcony you can yourself.

walls insulated by a variety of heat-saving materials and plasterboard sheets.A heater may be sheets of foam, which is now commercially available various thicknesses.And glass fibers can be used.

Exterior walls may require stacking multiple layers of insulation (depending on the climate in your area).


How to arrange the balcony to it was convenient to work or relax at any time of the day?Of course, you need to think about lighting.It can be done on the ceiling or on the walls.If your balcony have electricity - the problem is simplified, if not, consult an electrician how to do it better.

better to use two light sources - general and local.Overall light should well cover the whole balcony, as unlit corners underline its closeness.The light source can be spotlights built into the ceiling.

How to arrange a balcony, or rather illuminated it, if you do there jobs?In this case, you will need a local coverage.Suit table lamp with rotating mechanism or the lamp.


most affordable way to design a ceiling on the balcony of his painting is a good water-based paint or a facade.You can paste over the ceiling of its polystyrene plates or PVC panels.

Walls The walls can also be used paint, but much more modern look is textured plaster.Furthermore, the coating will serve to you at least 15 years.

You can also use plastic panels, but only if no balcony to the south.Otherwise, heat duty plastic can release toxic substances.


Often people think about how to arrange a balcony with modern materials.After all, they are much better than their predecessors, and more durable.

To make sex on the balcony is best to use a tile with the corresponding specification.Some argue that this material has long been well known, it is difficult to call a new one.However, in recent years, manufacturers have significantly improved the tile its properties and performance.Therefore it can be safely called a modern quality materials.

for sex on the balcony, you can use linoleum, laminate or floorboard.

Furniture and Design

So your balcony changed considerably and it is time to think about how to equip a small balcony to make it cozy and comfortable.

premises of this size and more modern look better if they are not cluttered.The lower balcony on such furniture and more light, the more attractive it is.Try here

place only what you need according to your idea of ​​design.To maximize space, use the narrow hanging cabinets or open shelves.It is appropriate for the small balcony of folding furniture.

On the role of the window is better to hang curtains or blinds is not afraid to experiment with color.If you create a recreation area, put fresh flowers - they make the interior more comfortable.But all must know when to stop - do not hold onto a small balcony greenhouse where the man will have no place.

How to equip a narrow balcony?

This question often arises from the owners of housing in old houses.The balconies are not just small, they are also very narrow.In this case, you must completely abandon the bulky furniture and projecting sills.It is better to put on the sides of two high and narrow closet, which can accommodate everything you need.In the center of the wall make a fold-up table, which can be placed near the deck chairs.If you are thinking about how to arrange the balcony in "Khrushchev" it is advice for you, because in these homes do not differ too balconies large area.

Balcony removal

Today, many companies have mastered the new technology.This glazed balcony with removal.Additional meters, this method will not give your balcony, but make it a little more spacious.This is ideal for owners of small balconies, as it has undeniable advantages:

  • appears large sill bearing the functional load;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • increases the strength of the parapet.

shower on the balcony

If you exercise and your apartment is not enough space for the simulator and sports equipment, the question of "how a balcony" in front of you does not have to be.Of course, to organize this small territory mini-gym.This will save you time, money and improve the quality of training.You will not be disturbed, and a nice view from the window will inspire you to new achievements in sport.


If your family has young children, the idea of ​​the topic of how to arrange the balcony, she is in your hands.Arrange here for a summer playroom for children.To do this, you need to close the floor carpet to put children's table and chair, as well as to equip a small bookcase to store toys.And yet!You'll forget scattered throughout the apartment typewriters, and the child would be interested in their own playroom.Many parents probably argue that a child may be interesting to be in this room.How to arrange a balcony, so it was like a little fairy land?You can use the original version - to put on the walls painted with the image of your favorite cartoon characters baby.

Even a tiny balcony can be turned into a comfortable and cozy extra room in your apartment.You only need to dream a little, and then to realize his dream into reality.