Who are the Aryans, and how it treated Adolf Hitler

Undoubtedly, the question of who the Aryans, and how there was this nation of interest to many, but it requires the most careful consideration and detailed analysis.

Aryans - a people who speak languages ​​belonging to the eastern branch of the Indo-European family, and had a membership to the North racial type.

Who are the Aryans, and where they generally live?According to legend, the ancient Aryans migrated from Hyperborea - the state, which was formed in the territory dominated by the harsh northern climate.However, five decades ago, European scientists were absolutely sure that the Aryans are the roots of Asian origin.Subsequently, it was considered to be the birthplace of the Aryan north-western part of Europe, and the original Aryan racial type was defined as a Nordic (north).With the Irish «aire» translated as "leader", to "know" from the Old Norse - "nobles."Yet who are Aryans?Major race, demigods?It is only the interpretation of Adolf Hitler and no one else.

They are primarily carriers of religious texts, called the Avesta and Rig Veda - they and give an understanding of who the Aryans actually.It should be recognized that behind the "fifth race" has left a tremendous legacy.

should be emphasized that for the first time the concept of "Aryan race" was introduced Zh.A.Gobino that in the 19th century has produced a paper entitled "An Essay on the inequality of human races."This has the advantage over the other Nordic race.After his work was published, the Aryans began to call themselves soldiers of Nazi Germany.And as a "noble" Aryan race should have blue eyes and blond hair.

Nazis considered the Aryan race as a specific gene pool, which is represented only by the Germans, because they are superior to other nations for mental, moral and physical qualities.In addition, all Aryans must be tall, have perfect health and be in excellent physical shape.

theory of perfect race like the "Führer."In his book «Main Kampf», he stressed that the history of the Aryans deserves a comprehensive study on the part of every soldier of Nazi Germany.According to Adolf Hitler, each "true Aryan" should take care of the "purity of blood" and, in his opinion, is criminal to marry a representative of an inferior race.This fascist dictator had no doubt that the need to closely monitor the level of demography in the country and people who have had "poor" health were forbidden to have children.

for his country wanted Hitler prepare the role of world leader who will manage all the nations.According to the "main" Nazi Aryan (German) race "is born" extremely brilliant people who are called to rule the world.Others must fulfill their will and implicitly to obey them because they are mediocre, and they have absolutely no talent.The Fuhrer gave a definition of all nations, without exception, in terms of their similarity to the Aryan race.

addition to residents of Scandinavia, Hitler believed that the Japanese, although they differ in appearance, but close in spirit to the Aryans.At the same time representatives of other peoples living in Southeast Asia, he felt "almost monkeys."