What are the pills for hair growth

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healthy, beautiful and shiny hair that is easy to comb, supple and soft - every woman's dream.And no wonder, because the well-groomed tresses are considered one of the main components of female attractiveness.But many people are faced with problems and to care for them, as well as dandruff, hair loss or partial loss of hair, split ends.How is it that you need to take care of her hair, so she was always lush, thick, luster and pleasing to the eye health?

To really achieve clear results, you need a lot of patience and perseverance in carrying out procedures for regular hair care.In addition to all sorts of masks, conditioners and other means of external applications, your assistants can be a high-quality vitamins and pills for hair growth.

A variety of therapeutic agents for hair

One of the most popular drugs are pills "Rinfoltil."They are created on the basis of an extract of berries palmetto Serenoa Repens.Nutrients that means affect the deepest layer of the skin, where they penetrate heavily with topical tonic.Also in the above tablets for hair growth include caffeine, peppered mint extracts, Chinese camellia, ginseng, large nasturtium, which stimulate the metabolism in the scalp, strengthen and nourish the hair.Another drug that is known for its exceptional properties - "Pantovigar."These gelatin capsules for hair growth are used not only to improve the condition of your tresses, but also to prevent them from falling out.According to the instruction, "Pantovigar" - a multivitamin agent composed of keratin, D-calcium pantothenate, amino acids, vitamin B1 and B5, yeast medical and para-aminobenzoic acid.Despite the many positive comments about the drug, it has a significant drawback - price.The cost of packaging, calculated for the month of application is about 1300-1400 rubles.Given that the recommended course of taking supplements - from 3 to 6 months, the health of your locks could eventually fly into penny.

Other pills for hair growth

good effect vitamin preparations, which you can easily find in pharmacies, is "Revalid."In its structure contains a group of vitamins and amino acids, which promote growth and maintain healthy hair and nails.Another complex, which, among other things, has a positive effect on the body as a whole - "Alphabet".It includes a lot of useful minerals that are beneficial to the growth of hair.

consumer reviews about different supplements for hair growth

Unfortunately, not many can boast of luxurious "Hollywood" curls.The reason for this is the frequent coloring, perms, hot styling using gels, varnishes, mousses, etc... But thanks to innovative developments, you have a chance to reduce all negative impact on not.How do vitamins and pills for hair growth?Reviews consumers about them can be read below:

  • effect of using drugs do have hair grow faster;
  • density of your head of hair is largely genetically determined, so no global problems pills do not fix it - in other words, the hair on my head does not become three times more.Still, by such means possible to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, to extend their life cycle.

There is a small caveat - pills for hair growth provoke strengthening and, in fact, increased their growth throughout the body ... As a consequence, the depilation becomes more painful, and they will have to do more often.Of course, this information is relevant primarily for women.And finally, a little advice: the quality of hair largely reflects the state of our body as a whole, so in parallel with taking pills, you should pay more attention to a balanced diet, to respect the day and from time to time to pass routine medical examinations at the doctor.