Filling in Brief

Over time, the majority of those wishing to create their own site with the need to fill the face of his unique text content.Some solve the problem on their own, someone to ask friends to write the texts of journalists, and someone is trying to find an experienced copywriter.Moreover, customers without having experience in this field face a number of problems.This lack of knowledge of how to formulate its terms of reference (TOR), how much to pay for a particular job, and how to choose the right copywriter, and others.

Thus, the terms of reference must fully reflect your requirements and wishes for the future text.Turning to the copywriter, ask him to send you a brief required.Brief - a template by filling which received detailed TOR.Not all copywriters have their own brief.Those who have worked with quite a large number of projects, it is and contains all the necessary items.There are brief for the creation of content for the development of the commercial offer (KP), writing articles and other text wo

rks.Each provides affordable and simple questions which should, if possible, a complete answer.It depends on how well you understand copywriter and introduce you to satisfy you in every product.

often contains brief question about the number of characters.Standard manual contains no more 3000znakov.Large amounts of text repels potential customers.Of course, there are exceptions where it is necessary to list the technical features or other information without which a product or service can not imagine being.Copywriting - selling texts also do not have to be bulky.The exceptions include the classic texts for sites selling-odnostranichnikov (sale of information products, new techniques for weight loss, etc.).

controversy over the number of characters for the text on the main and secondary sections of the site continues.Someone convinced that surround the text may introduce more keywords, and someone for the brevity with confidence in the rejection of the visitors to the site description length sections.In my opinion, the text on the site shall not exceed 2000znakov.This is the optimal length for the use of keywords and to keep the attention of a visitor smotivirovat it to purchase a product or service order.

Here we are about to one more point - keywords.For the selection of semantic core must take expert, t. To. Without a certain knowledge will not work to promote the site, getting unique visitors and develop the resource further.Semantic kernel - is a list of key words and phrases that characterize the sold product or service offered.For example, for the site of the real estate, most likely, it will be the word - to buy an apartment, sell an apartment, rent an apartment in Moscow and so on. It becomes clear that the brief section on key words, you need to fill, after consultation with the optimizer and SEOs.

In other brief points no big deal, all the answers come intuitive and do not require additional knowledge and skills.If there is a need for further consultations on filling or drawing up the brief, writing a manual or optimized text for the site, for magazines and online media, you can safely handle.Experience and knowledge is!