Bench sitting in the bar: tips and rules

Sport trim figure, bulk muscles, well-defined muscle relief - the dream of almost every man, from teenagers to the elderly.Examples Arnold Terminator and Rambo, Stallone and other "bullies" -kulturistov attractive to many generations of men.But no matter how unattainable not seem treasured image, nothing is impossible if you type in the appropriate training and a lasting friendship with the sport.

Job barbell

bar - one of the universal sports equipment, with which you can train well muscles of the torso.To do this, there are many techniques and types of exercises.We will discuss one of them - sitting bench barbell.

barbell can wring out of three main provisions: standing, sitting and lying down.Each view their complexity and the advantages are utilized certain muscles - both major and minor.Main load during training rests on the shoulder girdle and his delta.However, it was in a sitting position with a barbell work helps purposefully treat this group of muscles, to give it focus, work out its weaknesses, while the main torso gets some breathing room.

most important exercise - bench sitting in the bar because of the head.On the one hand, carrying it, you should be extremely careful.Many injuries occur when athletes lack technicality mining this particular exercise.On the other hand, careful and competent its execution makes it possible to quickly build up strength and mass of the middle deltoids.

If the task to strengthen the shoulder joints, the rotational movement of the hands to work, to develop the top "floor" the chest and the front of the delta, ideal sitting with barbell bench press chest.

This exercise need not only a professional weight lifter, but also those athletes who have hands, their strength, is an important factor: basketball players, volleyball players, gymnasts, swimmers, and so on. D. Yes, and just to those people who seriously concerned about the state of the figureas well as general health.

Tips and rules

So, in the exercise "barbell bench sitting" are active anterior deltoid muscle and the mean, the rotational muscles of the shoulders.The system approach formed the volume and shape of the shoulder.Carrying it must comply with certain rules:

  • working out should take place at the beginning of training;
  • recommended after only one session to do 3-4 sets.Each approach is carried out from 6 to 12 repetitions;
  • to secure the results of the exercise "mode the bar sitting" must continue zhimom dumbbell in the same position, and breeding hands with dumbbells in front of you and tilt with breeding;
  • work must be done with a barbell smoothly, without jerks and rushes, otherwise you may cause serious damage to the spine.Legs at the time of exercise act as natural shock absorbers.This allows the trainee to some extent insure at a time when there is a sitting bench rod;
  • washers on the projectile should not be too heavy, especially during the first training.Large cargo may outweigh the athlete, and the threatened fall backwards.To post was to keep handy, you must bow its neck, not only with his hand, and the thumbs;
  • barbell bench press should be done at the maximum possible height and at the same time to straighten hands full: it will give the opportunity to inform the involved muscles necessary level of load and ensure their development.

Naturally, Muscle Building - is a gradual process and focused.In addition to regular employment, it assumes a certain diet and behavior.Strict compliance with them - one of the keys to a positive result.