How to choose metal, depending on the tasks?

On the subject of how to choose a metal detector, it is written a lot of articles.But most of them are promotional in nature, orienting the reader to buy a particular model.We are not going to affect a particular brand, but simply help you to find a metal detector, depending on the tasks assigned by you.

search for underwater

This refers not only trigger the search coil into the water and dive with the instrument on the river or the sea floor.These metal detectors are fully protected from moisture: and headphones, and housing.In such models, the headphones are an integral part of the device, as the underwater metal detectors are not equipped with a display and provides exceptional audio information.By configuring the device, you can search in different environments (bottom, salty and fresh water, coastal zone), taking into account not only salinity but also various types of interference.

Deep quest

Before choosing a metal detector for deep searches, should evaluate your budget, because the cheapest models start at $ 1000.These devices are designed to search for large metal objects at depths of up to 6 meters.And the larger the object, the deeper it will find a metal detector.It is worth noting that even though these devices and have the same high sensitivity, as well as other metal detectors (arched, ground, etc..), But one coin, they simply are not able to find.But if it is a treasure (the accumulation of coins), pipe or manhole, then please.These devices have another peculiar feature: they have almost completely absent discrimination.That is, in order to identify the detected object, it must be removed.Finally, a tip for those who want to save money on buying a deep-water detector.Some firms for conventional submarine metal detectors produce special deep-nozzle increases the depth of 1.5 meters and extend the range of tasks and search technology.Still, this technique does not make the full depth of the detector device, but only extends its functionality.But you can consider this option with a limited budget.

search of gold

No need to think about how to choose a metal detector for gold, as for this purpose there are special models with very high sensitivity.These devices are able to find even the smallest particles of gold.The principle of operation of this type of metal detector is very simple.Since gold has a specific electric conductivity, producers originally lay in the unit rate, corresponding to the maximum capacity of this metal.Of course, this sensitivity gives excellent results when searching for other objects.

Close search

If there is a question: "How to choose a metal detector for very short distances?" - Then you need Pinpointers (pin pointer).If a word literal translation from English, it turns out "pointer points."This device is designed to determine the exact (to the millimeter) the location of the object at a depth of 5 cm. In this model, there is no discrimination, and it can be used to find small items (jewelry, buttons, coins, etc.) at the edges, and dumpsin all cases where it is impossible to find the object detected by the conventional device.