How to cook turkey meat?

tender and juicy turkey meat can be used in the diet of people with poor health, or children.Very suitable dishes with this ingredient for active individuals to regain lost strength.It's a real balanced product that must be present on the table.Besides recipes from turkey meat varied.

Special patties

cutlets to the liking of everyone.For delicate dishes need a pound of turkey fillet, 300g mushrooms (button mushrooms are the ideal option), 2 onions, a small piece of butter, half a cup of fresh milk, 2 slices of bread (white only), crackers for breading, salt and pepper and sunflower oil.Cook patties very simple.To begin with bread soaked in milk.Meanwhile, cut the butter into small cubes, which are separately laid out on a plate.They were sent to the freeze.

Onions cut into half rings, and mushrooms - thin plastic.They immediately sent to the pan, where the oil lightly fried.Meanwhile meat is cut into pieces and sent to the grinder.Through it pass and mushrooms and onions, and bread.If desired, you can add the resulting minced aromatic herbs and spices.This adds a small amount of water and salt and pepper.

Then as usual.Formed meatballs in the middle of a put every little piece of the frozen oil.After the cutlets and breading sent to the pan, where it browns on all sides.

garnish for this dish can be any: mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables and any cereal.

meat turkey salad

Cook meat salad in the cellar.The main pre-boiled turkey meat in an amount of 400g.It will take 2 apples, mayonnaise, 2 eggs (boiled), pickled cucumber, cucumber pickle, green (it will be enough parsley and dill), and salt and pepper.

meat, apples, of course, eggs and cucumber carefully cut thin and long strips, and then put in a bowl.All thoroughly mixed and poured brine.Then you need to fill the salad spices and give a little brew.Only later in the dish add the mayonnaise and serve, decorate with greenery.

Baked turkey meat.Recipe festive

grand feast fit for a whole turkey, which is baked in the oven.However, to save a considerable amount of time on a holiday will help a good preparation of meat a day prior.But before serving the carcass will need to just put it in the oven.

On the whole surface of the turkey is to make deep cuts.There is best to put the garlic, ground plates and pieces of chicken fat, the meat was very juicy and fragrant.Top carcass coated with olive oil and a variety of spices.Their composition can be determined, based on your own taste.

Cooked turkey draped in sage and rosemary.Then these leaves and can be put on top during baking.But inside the carcass must go slices of lemon, apple and orange.

Prepared meat is placed on a baking sheet and top with thin slices of fresh dim fatty bacon.Required turkey wrapped in foil and left in the refrigerator.Then in the morning, send it in the oven, where it acquires a beautiful color, delicate aroma and delicious taste!


using turkey meat can be prepared by a very simple soup with pasta.This will require to take the turkey thighs, 3 carrots, green beans (about 200g), pasta (100g), green onions, salt and pepper, and lemon slices.

Meat filled with water in a saucepan and boil with the addition lavrushki and peppercorns.This continues until turkey is tender.It will take approximately 1:00.

Meanwhile, the carrot cut into thin slices.The meat removed from the broth gets there carrots, string beans and pasta.Turkey cut into small cubes.Once the carrot becomes soft, the soup run and meat.So dish boil for a few minutes, after which it is ready for serving.The a la carte plates required to put more and chopped green onion, and lemon slice.

in turkey meat contains almost no fat.Therefore, all who are watching their figure can easily treat yourself to this delicious product.