The standard of living in the world.

Currently, the standard of living in the world is very different.And it is not only in the development of the economic component of any state, and in the general prosperity of its people.We are talking about the financial aspects, and on education, and political.In the world rankings affect dozens of factors in the development of all sectors of the population.

standard of living

This feature shows the extent of the welfare society.The standard of living in the countries of the world - is a measure of satisfaction of spiritual and financial needs of the population.This ratio is calculated for a specific period: quarter, year, five years, and so on. D. The base setting takes the average revenue per person, along with the ratio of it to the consumer basket.

In addition, in order to calculate the standard of living in different countries, it is necessary to analyze the quality of health care, the state of the environment, the degree of psychological comfort of citizens, and so on. D. This parameter shows the satisfaction of the population in the material and spiritual needs in a specific period of time.

additional indexes in the calculation are the birth rate, mortality, housing, quality education, employment and unemployment, prices for goods and services, transport infrastructure, social security, freedom of the citizens, the volume of food, sanitary conditions, recreational system, life expectancy and so on.All of these parameters are taken into account for all sectors of the population.

European countries

this part of the world is very different from other degree of welfare.The standard of living in European countries are generally much higher than in Asia, Africa or the Americas.The reason lies in a stable financial system and infrastructure development.

demonstrate that the standard of living in Europe is higher than anywhere else, it is better to start with Norway.In this small area of ​​the monarchy GDP exceeding 335 billion. Dollars.At the same time the unemployment rate varies between 3%.There is also high literacy rates and social security.All this together allowed Norway to lead the ranking of well-being among all countries of the world.

second place in the list is Switzerland.Where the per capita accounts for about 80 thousand dollars.Switzerland differs robust service sector, the banking sector and general industrial sectors.

Also in the top ten countries in the world with the best of life and well-being are Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and, oddly enough, Luxembourg.

CIS and Russia

has long been the region is not an example to follow in terms of economy and development.Today, the standard of living in the CIS countries is far from ideal, not without reason in the world ranking, only one of them comes in the first 50. It is about Kazakhstan, which staked the 47th.GDP per person is more than 24 thousand dollars.It is noted the development of industry and the health sector, the stability on the political front.

Belarus occupies the 58th line rating.Here, the human development index is rated as excellent.GDP per capita - about 17 thousand dollars.Provided of agriculture and industry.

All other CIS countries are significantly lower than in Belarus, this also applies to Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, and others.Russia is located in the 91 th place of the list, behind Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Asian part of the world

general standard of living in the world is estimated as satisfactory.In Asia, the average is kept at the level "above average".All thanks to a few developed countries, the best of which is considered to be Singapore.It is this republic is situated in the rating of well-being above all the Asian nations - in the 18th place.GDP per capita is more than 51 thousand dollars.In terms of population and services Singapore is ranked 19th in the world.

next in the ranking (19th row) is Hong Kong.Development Index that Chinese administrative region occupies 13th place - the highest rate in Asia after Japan.GDP per person - more than 38 thousand dollars.

Taiwan - another administrative region of China, which is different levels of welfare.She closes the top 20 of the world rankings for quality of life.The sharp jump in the development of all service industries was observed after the recognition of the state of China.

followed by Taiwan, South Korea settled and the UAE.

American continents

leading position in this area takes Canada.In the world ranking of well-being it is on the 3rd place, after Norway and Switzerland.Canada is considered one of the richest countries in the world in terms of GDP - more than $ 1.5 trillion.The index of the population estimated to be very high.In Canada, the stable financial system, which relies on a perfect work of banks, coupled with the yield from agriculture and promyshlennosti.SShA based on the 11th line rating.Its GDP exceeds 16.7 trillion.dollars.In terms of the state of return the United States and are at all in the first place.Another thing is that the country is booming, unemployment is constantly rising taxes, limited social rights.

Uruguay is the only Latin American state, which came in the top 30 states of the world rankings, closing it.The common denominator of GDP and the index of development of the population is estimated as good.

rest of the world

total standard of living in the world is reduced due to the slow development of most African and Oceanic countries.Apart here is New Zealand.It is rather an exception to the pravil.Novaya Zealand deservedly settled on 5th place world ranking.The island monarchy per capita accounts for about 35.5 thousand dollars.According to the Human Development Index country ranks 6th in the world.The basis for the state's economy is agriculture, heavy industry and tourism.

African country's highest place in the ranking of well-being takes Tunisia (61st).Nearby is the Philippines (66th position).

world ranking last in the country of Chad (142 th).Here, the standard of living is assessed as low.This applies to the degree of development of the population, GDP, and other important components of the comfort and well-being of citizens.