How to be happy

How to be happy?How to find happiness?

Current questions for centuries.

Many people looking for an answer to this question, along with such
questions as "Why do I live?What is the meaning of life?".This is a normal human tendency
understand, because everyone wants to be happy.

What is happiness?Happiness - is when you have a good all
important to you aspects of life.For example, for myself, I highlight several areas, and
namely health (mental and physical), relationships with loved ones, with the world, with
himself, in the second half;the opportunity to make a free choice
(freedom), the presence of favorite things and the ability to deal with them;income that
allows me to live as I want;self-development, leisure, entertainment.
and time to deal with all these areas of its multi-faceted life.

space and time unite all walks of life.That is, you want to be happy here (space) and now (time).With the clarity of a place to eat.You are where are.However, not all so easy with time.I think you hav

e already heard that, the only resource that can not be filled.Time is running relentlessly forward no matter what.

here, and the main problem of modern man and
humanity as a whole - is the lack of time.No time to become and be
lucky.Let's see!

Look at how we live:

to engage in health is everything - trainers, gyms, doctors,
alternative healing technique - learn, borrow and be healthy;

for building relationships is everything - books, courses, trainings
relationships, gifts, entertainment - use and get the harmony in the relationship;

Freedom from slavery is at each of us.We choose,
us what to do;

Favorite thing (Hobby) - in the shower is almost at each
, the main problem with the hobby - the lack of time, sometimes even money if
expensive hobby.

on self-development, leisure and entertainment definitely need 2 things
time and money.

Finally, to earn the money you need ... What?

Yes, it takes time.Not just the time and the time that is used
properly and usefully.

For example, it takes time for self-development, self-education,
study questions how to succeed in material terms ("How to become rich as
earn the necessary money, how to open a business from scratch, etc.").

And yet the right time to choose the activity that
will be most comfortable to do business, or to find a job, which will give
money and time will not be a lot to take away.

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favorite thing?", "How to become rich?", "How to start a business and make money
from scratch?", "What is to open a business?ยป)

So,Happy to be necessary to make 3 simple steps:

  1. understand, to understand what you want
    be what you like to do in life, what kind of lifestyle you enjoy and
    seems perfect for you.Reply need to be honest to yourself.
  2. Decide on the activity you define for itself in paragraph 1 can make money,
  3. begin to take steps to generate income from your favorite activities.

    money should be enough to maintain your ideal way of life in which there is time on health, family.Favorite work you already do and more, and it also brings you income, so still plenty of time for rest and recreation, and the process of getting money happy, because it's your favorite activity.

However, it is important to remember that happiness is not the magnitude of static.
can not be happy to get some material objects or reaching
some mental states (emotions).Any, even the highest achievement becomes after a while mundane, commonplace, so inherent nature.Therefore, a person can be happy only in the movement.Movement is life.Happiness - it's moving.Movement wherever your soul wishes!If people stopped in their aspirations - that means, he began to slowly fade away.

Therefore happiness - is a constant movement to improve each
areas of your life, I emphasize every sphere, not just some one (often
it is a business / career / financial part, because of which affected all
other areas of life).

Happiness - is the ability to prioritize, select, and start doing things you love, freedom, good health (health, mood) every day, prosperity, well-being and, of course, the availability of time for the further development of his life, for self-development, leisure andentertainment.

If you are currently working on a hired work or you
your business, and you feel the lack of a hard time;

If you do not have time to give proper amount of time
all spheres of their lives is particularly close, health, recreation, and the beloved;

If you have a few years do not go on vacation;

If you have a desire to change their lifestyle,
find another job, or change the scope of business;

and if you do not know how all this time to do, then find

free as possible to learn all achievers by 100%