How to choose a welding mask "chameleon"?

Each welder must not forget personal protection.During the welding process in the face of inevitable flying sparks, splashes of molten metal.In addition, the effect of heat on the eye and the infrared radiation.To protect against all of these negative factors, use protective masks and shields.Recent less preferred because they must hold with one hand, which is not very convenient.That's why let's talk about how to choose a welding mask "chameleon" and what are its key features.

Why "chameleon"?

Many experts say that the type of welding helmets "chameleon" are the most advanced and well-protected sight of the operator.It is true that due to the presence of automatic filter.He responds to changes in the intensity of luminescence.For example, the ignition of the arc, it automatically dims, indicating the start of welding, and the operator's eyes are protected.In most cases, high-quality color filters have a layered structure.LCD layers overlap.When you start welding, they line up in the correct order and block some of the light, making the operator comfortable and safe.But it is worth noting that, before choosing a welding mask "chameleon", you must understand its basic parameters.Let's talk about this.

briefly about the features of glass

We have learned a little bit about what the mask "chameleon" are equipped with an automatic filter.It is interesting that the welder does not have to do as LCD color filters themselves adjust to the brightness and intensity of the light.It is hence the name mask "chameleon".

If you are not a professional welder and doing this kind of work is rare, you will approach a single-layer filter.If welding - your daily work, and his eyes are constantly under stress, it needs a multi-layer filter.Working in a mask is not only safe, but also comfortable.In addition, the blackout did not affect the review of the operator and the visibility of the seam.Of course, the filters are different, and therefore prices for seemingly identical masks differ.

of the construction of

If more detail to understand the peculiarities filter design, it is a multi-layered product.When each layer is formed by liquid crystals.A layer is inserted between the polarizing film.When light enters the crystals, they are arranged in a certain direction, allowing partially block light and darken it.

But we can say that the mask "chameleon" are famous for their protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation.Some models may not provide this protection, due to the presence or absence of an additional layer in the filter.By the way, before choosing a welding mask "chameleon", check rate of darkening filter.The higher it is, the greater will be the price of the product.But it is worth noting that this is quite an important feature.The fact that there are masks, which filter only works in a few minutes after starting the welding.During this time, the operator can get burned cornea.The optimum speed of operation can be considered 0.00005 seconds.This will provide protection from the start of welding.

Welding helmets "chameleon": how to choose the right model

Before you buy should be given to the mask itself.It should not be too plastic or brittle.Therefore, it often makes sense to prefer heavy masks.Any model should be nice and convenient to put on and remove.Any discomfort during operation may affect the quality of the weld.In addition, the presence of filter mask making complex electro-optical device, so you need to treat it gently.It is undesirable to prevent ingestion of moisture, condensation, and so on. N. In addition, mechanical damage to the filter makes it ineffective, and the eyes of the operator are vulnerable.In principle, you know, what characteristics should have a welding mask "chameleon".How to choose from the whole range?There is nothing complicated, it is necessary to take into account a number of characteristics.

What to look for when buying

First look at the class of optical filter.This parameter is extremely important for eye protection.Professional models can be regarded as masks and helmets, with the marking filter three units, for example 1/1/1/2.This ensures protection for the eyes and undistorted field of vision.After looking at a class of optical response speed, it should be no less than 100 microseconds.

Many welders "chameleon" ("Invertika" among them) have different degrees of protection and dimming.The best option is when the glass is in a normal state (not working) is fully transparent, and during welding - dark.But even the darkness of the screen should not contain on its surface haze and distortion.The best indicator of the degree of protection is considered to be 13 DIN.One of the useful features, which must be available, - smooth dimming filter.This option is very useful in low light conditions.

Weight and dimensions

In particular, it makes sense to talk about the size of the working window.Most models are equipped with a fairly large window, which significantly improves visibility while working welder.The price of such models, of course, rather big, but the process of connecting metal products will be fully controlled by the operator.As for weight, it should not be too small."Cardboard" masks are very easily damaged due to its low strength.Thick same model weighing more than 1 kg of tire welder, which is also not good.Therefore it is better to choose a middle ground, say, 400-700 grams.By the way, before you choose the mask of the "Chameleon", pay attention to the mount.It must have two things: a mask running and lifted up.At least, that's the advice of professionals.This will, without removing the mask from the head, at the end of welding to inspect the quality of the seam and then continue the begun business.

Welding helmets "chameleon": design, types, application

design masks in most cases hardly differ.Some models have a larger window than others.Of course, it is better to give preference to the first embodiment, since the review in this case is much higher.But the increase in the review leads to the fact that the filter becomes more fragile, so you fit somewhere.

As for the type of mask, it is selected according to the welding performed.Typically, we are talking about different welding glass in relation to the rated current.On sale now, you can find the following mask: glass 4-9 DIN - current up to 40 A, the glass 5-11 for current 175A, 6-12-300A, 7-13-500A.For home use fit the first two groups.Their scope of application is usually limited to public utilities, construction and some other industries.At the same time the mask with a large measure of shading, ie 3-4th groups used in the aircraft industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and so on.

helmets "chameleon┬╗

Do not forget that you have the opportunity to buy a helmet and not the mask.It is usually used in harsh conditions.For example, at high temperatures, prolonged welding process.Also, if there is a danger of thermal burns, you should not apply a mask and goggles and helmet only.Its design follows the shape of full motorcycle helmet.But it is made of lightweight and durable plastic.Therefore, if you do not know how to choose a welding mask "chameleon" is correct, then pay attention to what kind of work will have to perform.It may be that you need a helmet.

Points for welding "chameleon┬╗

If the planned short-term welding, where there is no need for additional protection of the person, the fit points.This decision was relatively cheap when compared to the masks and helmets.Points provide an excellent overview of the welder, as are a large screen.As for the security settings window, they are not worse than the masks and helmets.Typically prices start from 800 rubles and above, depending on the manufacturer.Many consumers for welding in a domestic environment, it is advised to buy glasses.They are lightweight, comfortable and well protect the eyes.

What professionals say

We have little understanding of what a welding mask for "chameleon".How to choose?Testimonials of consumers and professionals will certainly help you.So, many are advised to acquire the mask "chameleon" of domestic production.They have a reasonable price and good quality.But, experts say, is not the best suited for argon welding.If we talk about Chinese products, it is cheap, but not very reliable.Filters can be triggered with a delay and spontaneously open.For professionals as fit only quality European products.

Conclusion So, how to choose the best welding mask "chameleon"?A definite answer can be given.The fact that one should be guided own needs.Sometimes you do not want something too expensive.It is enough glass with 5-9 DIN options for the welding current is 40 A. It would not be very expensive purchase.But working at home is enough and a mask.If you - a professional welder, and the product must be appropriate.Basically, this is all that can be said about how to choose a welding mask "chameleon".