How to tie peas right?

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Many on the site grow peas, but not all right to care for it.From this culture a little fruits.The primary care includes not only vegetable watering to weeding, but also control of the stems that strive raspolztis ground.Today we will tell you not only how to plant, but also as a tie peas.

carried out correctly fit

If you want to get a big harvest of tasty peas, carefully prepare for planting season.For a start it is worth mentioning that there are four main varieties:

  • vegetable;
  • sugar;
  • stern;
  • grain.

Each of them can be grown in the garden area.But remember that the last two types are used as organic fertilizer for the garden.Vegetable peas are suitable for use in soup and sugar can have a variety of fresh straight from the garden.To learn how to tie peas, sow it first.This is done in several stages:

  1. Soil Preparation.Vegetable like a lot of light and heat, respectively, choose the right place for him.The land as fertilizer can be used urea or superphosphate.Throughout the period of cultivation of peas soil should remain moist.Ideal land for a light loam or sandy loam.Peas gets along well in the place where grew a pumpkin or solanaceous crops.
  2. crops.First, let's examine the seeds.Separate rotten and broken peas.To improve sprouting, before planting the seeds soak in the boric acid at the rate of 5 liters per 1 gram of substance.It is not necessary to keep them for more than 5 minutes.Favorable time for sowing is considered to be the middle of May.This month, the soil is well warmed up and decreases the amount of frost.On a bed made special grooves.For every meter of it put 15-20 pieces of peas.The first shoots can be seen after three to four weeks.
  3. Care.This is an important step in growing peas.He will be devoted to a separate subject and analyze the main point is to tie peas.

correct approach

To get a rich harvest, it is necessary to examine some of the recommendations that we have brought forth:

  1. to increase the number of pods, the plant must be Prischepa elite.
  2. time Collect ripe fruit.This will give new strength vegetable, fruit, and it will be even better and longer.
  3. If the bottom began to dry peas, should immediately remove all the bushes from the garden.Hang them in a dark place, and the pods ripen on their own.
  4. plants should be tied up.How to tie peas and what, consider further.On this important procedure is to talk in more detail.

To learn how to tie the peas in the garden, to start is to consider what to do do.

supports: their features and types

Without them you can not do when you are planting vines.These concerns and peas.To the vegetable grew well on such support, it must meet two basic requirements:

  1. strength.It has to withstand all weather conditions under the weight of the plant.
  2. unnoticed.When growing peas you have to follow its structural condition.

So we went to the main question: how to tie peas?Photos presented below demonstrates just that.Most often used to strengthen the vegetable-standing support and stakes.You can use a piece of wood or branches from trees.At the same time they must be treated with antiseptic and debarked.In support of such peas convenient to cling to and grow.

main recommendations

worth reading, how to tie peas and prevent damage to vegetable crops.To this end, our following tips:

  1. support can not stick too close to the stem.You can damage the root system, and peas disappear.
  2. Each plant should be linked to their support.
  3. If peas planted randomly, it is possible to one pole to fix a few plants.
  4. tie twine vegetable desirable.
  5. to bed looked carefully, better to support a pyramid of bamboo poles.
  6. Choose pegs long that they were deep in the ground.This will give a better overall design stability.

Now that we have you discovered all the secrets and gave advice, you know how to tie peas.Photos show the entire process in more detail, and you will easily cope with the task.