How to make a birthday memorable: cool script on the anniversary of the woman

's nice to give presents and surprises loved ones, especially their birthday.And if it is also the anniversary, then so eager to become a festive day for the hero of the occasion a memorable one.Cool anniversary scenario you can think of yourself.In drawing up the holiday program should take into account the age and preferences of the celebrant.Keep holiday must be committed gay man with a good sense of humor.Do not forget to prepare in advance competitions.They should not be too much, so that people can still communicate with each other, but not enough so that people will not get bored.If the holiday of a man can be to focus on the progress made.The script on the anniversary of the woman must be somewhat different from men's.Especially if the sentimental hero of the occasion.Let the children and grandchildren will prepare some surprise - will make a collage, sing a song, will prepare a presentation on a computer with pictures.

Think cool script on the anniversary of the woman who has a provocative cha

racter.Lots of dancing, funny competitions and unusual gifts will fall to her liking.Here are some tips on how to write a script for an anniversary cool woman to this day remembered for years to come.Maybe some ideas will appeal to you and you take them on board.

Cool script anniversary of the woman highlights

order to holiday was a success, you need to decide on the venue for the celebration.Hero of the Day If you live in the city, then surely the idea to celebrate the birthday of her nature to love it.And for the residents of the countryside arrange a banquet in a restaurant.Take care in advance about the musical accompaniment.It is better if the whole evening will sound her favorite songs.Making room also plays a big role.Decorate the room or hall with fresh flowers, make a garland of balloons, place the photos on the walls, which depicted the stages of growing Hero of the Day.In a prominent place put a wall newspaper, which describe, for example, all the advantages of the culprit celebration.Arrange and hang the poster on which guests can leave greetings and wishes.Typically, a birthday going to close relatives and friends.Discuss with them how you can beat the delivery of gifts.Let everyone prepare any speech.Dancing, contests, games will be a continuation of fun feast.To add a cool script on the anniversary of the woman can be the next contest.

fun contests for the festival "doduy ball»

For this competition you will need inflated balloons.Participants can be any number, as long as everyone got the ball.Players kneel and put the ball in front of each.The essence of the game is as follows: each participant must without using their hands, blowing on the ball, bring it to the final line.The winner is the first one to do it.

contest "silent movie»

to conduct this competition going for the team a few people.Each distributed sheets of paper on which were written the names of Krylov's fables.Each team will play a fable, using only gestures and facial expressions.This process is very funny.Win those who got it funnier.

Competition "Princess and the Pea»

on a chair placed nuts and covered with a cloth.Member does not have to see how many nuts put.The player then sits down and determines the number of nuts hidden under a napkin.