Who's Nine fox?

Japan fox is called "Kitsun" but by mistake we all so called anthropomorphic animals.The difference is that in the original form creating not only long-lived, but also possess a plurality of abilities.In general, the Nine-fox - the creation of a very powerful, but, alas, not good.The most important, the key ability of creation - to take another look.Most often Nine fox becomes a beautiful girl, but sometimes can take a look and an old woman.But these cases are not recorded in the legends indicated.Initially, Japan was the fox demon.Such a change in attitudes - a direct result of Chinese influence, where Nine fox had apparently demonic origin.

Among other abilities of the fox can be called the ability to possess human bodies, that is implanted in them, and create a fire.For example, according to one legend, when celebrating the Japanese emperor wind blew out the candles, the body of one of his concubines began to glow.But this is - almost the only case of good cause, the perfect fox.Nine demon fox in art is often a woman, because, as mentioned above, the transformation into a beauty - its main power.But according to some, a demon can create very complex illusion that it is almost impossible to distinguish from reality.These include, for example, is the creation of the illusory second moon, strange trees and so on.Besides Nine foxes can bend time and space, which makes it a very dangerous opponent.

In some cases Kitsun have something similar to the vampires or succubi from the European tradition.For example, they feed on the life force of the people come to him in dreams.Men who attend night Nine fox, get sick and die quickly.In folklore preserved a legend about the Japanese emperor, who began to wither in her eyes.The doctor determined that the reason for this - his new beautiful concubines.

characteristic that the more tails, the more the fox.It is considered that it grows a tail every 100 or 1,000 years.But the most common fox with 9, 7, 5 and 1 tail.This fox, in which one tail, often can not hide it.Therefore, a person can recognize the demon if he loses control of himself, such as in a state of intoxication.

Kitsun can also be the guardians and protectors-shower.This is a very rare case, since foxes are usually not remain for a long time with a man.But if you are lucky enough to receive the favor and affection Kitsun, then your relationship can last long enough.Again, again, these little lucky.This is the highest mercy of the gods, according to the Japanese.

One of the oldest legends about the fox-werewolf says that once such a fox married man and lived with him for several years.But her true form was discovered when the fox was afraid of the dog.She was getting ready to leave, but her husband would not let her, saying that she gave him several children, and that he can not just forget it.

Many people wonder, what is the name Nine-fox.Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unknown.Perhaps you are lucky enough to make friends with him, and that you open Kitsun his name.