What is the longest street in the world?

There are rankings of the lighting, as well as the most expensive streets.However, they are not recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.Despite this, the longest street in the world where noted.It is in Canada and is the main street of the city of Toronto.


Young Street, namely the so-called the longest street in the world, has a rather impressive length.Its length is 1896 kilometers.This distance is more than a stretch of road between Yekaterinburg and Moscow.

Exceeds length of this unusual length of the street and Ukraine from its western to the eastern borders.


Its origin is the longest street in the world takes from downtown Toronto, on the waterfront street, located near Lake Ontario.Young Street as if cut into two parts of the city.It leaves from the center towards the north and goes around the two lakes - Cochrane and Simcoe.Then the street makes a smooth turn towards the west and ends at the border with the Canadian Minnesota.

History of

Initially, the different parts of Yonge Street tracks were Indians.This road used by troops and explorers from Europe.Somewhat later, it was bought by the British in this area thousands of square kilometers of land.And in 1793 the street was given the name.Governor John Simcoe, who was a British subject, name it in honor of George Young.He gave the order to clear out the area and make the roadway.His order was carried out owners of land adjacent to the area.And from 1816 on this road was constantly crashing on the coaches, carriages and wagons.By the mid-nineteenth century, the longest street in the world (Young Street) became rightfully central in the city of Toronto.


central street of Toronto never ceases to amaze its diversity.On it are skyscrapers that coexist with the classical buildings.Next to them are placed Victorian mansions.

In the city along Young Street subway passes.On the street walk wide sidewalks crowds.Daily Young Street teeming with life.On the street a large number of cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs as well as shops and boutiques.

street for pedestrians

capital of Denmark with a bird's eye catches the eye a colorful panorama of spiers and copper roofs, as well as branching streets, sidewalks and roadways are covered with paving stones.There is in this city a special attraction.It is the longest pedestrian street.Strøget, namely because it is called, it is known to all the inhabitants of Copenhagen.I handed this huge pedestrian area with the eastern part of the city to the west.It consists of five different streets, the intersection point of which is at the center of Strøget.In addition, this street is the oldest pedestrian zone.It officially opened in 1962. Today it is a popular place, which will certainly visit the guests of the city.

handed Strøget two kilometers.It focused almost all the attractions of Copenhagen.Among them are the magnificent old buildings and beautiful wide area, and the maze of small streets.

In the center of this unique area of ​​the street is Amagertorv.We created it in 1993. In its center is built fountain stork, which is traditionally a meeting place for many residents of the capital of Denmark.It is taking place in this place and kind of annual ritual involving obstetric specialty graduates of medical schools.After graduation, students danced perky dancing around the fountain.

streets intersect in one of its parts to the Latin Quarter.This place is the Round Tower.She is a university library and a large laboratory.In the same building is the world-famous Guinness World Records Museum.Not far away visitors and residents of the capital can visit the museum of music history and eroticism.

Landmarks our country

What is the longest street in Russia?About her few know.It is situated in Volgograd.Its name - the second longitudinal.This street has such a large extent that, for convenience, it was divided into sixteen separate avenues and streets.

second longitudinal length of a little more than fifty kilometers.This is the length of all of Volgograd.

capital's streets

largest and populous city in Russia is Moscow.Her area of ​​more than a thousand square kilometers.Only in the aftermath of the 1917 revolution, the capital has increased almost six-fold.The total length of all the streets of the city is about five thousand kilometers.Every year, this figure is more and more increasing.

longest street in Moscow - Trade union.Its length is ten kilometers.Situated between the Trade Union Street area of ​​Ho Chi Minh and the Moscow Ring Road.It was built in 1955, its former name - 4th Cheremushkinskaya.In union street was renamed in 1958, it passed through the territory of the Moscow South-Western Administrative District.This street crosses areas such as Yasenevo and Cheryomushki, Teply Stan and Obruchevsky, Konkovo ​​and Academic.