How better to learn the multiplication table for your child?

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How to help your child learn the multiplication table?This issue is of concern to many parents whose offspring is still only beginning to study the basics of mathematics and numeracy.Often, not everyone can boast of excellent knowledge of multiplication.And all because we once and did not know how to easily learn the multiplication table.She gave us hard, and not all have the strength and desire to learn it well.

Today we want for our children the best - that our baby was the most intelligent, the most responsible, the most capable.A multiplication table - it's mandatory material in school mathematics.It is used at every step.So just need to know how to easily learn the multiplication table, and help it to your student.And to make it quite simple - you and your child will see this.

So, it is easier to learn the multiplication table?Of course, to simplify it!

1. First, you need to reduce the amount of frightening the child table.Still ten columns by ten rows - this show is not for the weak.Now it's time to explain to a child the following principle: we must learn first and last column.It's easy!After all, in the first column of the figure, which is multiplied by 1, does not change.And in the last - to the figure, multiplied by 1, attributed to 0. Well, two columns have already learned, and the table is significantly reduced!

2. Explain that multiplication is an interesting feature: if the change increased the number of places, the result will not change.For example: 2 × 3 = 6 and 3 × 2 = 6. So, the rules are listed in the table twice, and it's twice reduces the whole table!Table became even less!

3. Tell your child that if the number multiplied by "3", it took 3 times (multiplied by "5" - took 5 times), and so in each column.This can cause difficulty, but the multiplication of "2" will take place exactly no problem!

4. Now it is time to understand the rules when the numbers are multiplied to themselves.Most of them are stored without any problems, "a rhyme" (2 × 2 = 4, 5 × 5 = 25).Multiplication by the "5" and "0" also learns without problems.They always end with a "5" and "0", respectively (4 × 5 = 20, 5 × 0 = 0).Realizing this, the remaining 15 of the rules, will have to learn not difficult.

5. And now all again.Repeat until your child firmly learns all the rules.

How better to learn the multiplication table, if the child does not differ assiduity?Engage it interesting game!That should work, especially if the game will be attended by other children.Heat may be of interest with small tasty prizes.

So children should take turns to carry the bodies into machines cubes - building materials.You set the rules.

1 level.A total of 20 bricks.But the truck can accommodate only 2 "driver" Georgia on 2 dice and takes a "building site".And all the others consider how many visits he will need to carry all.When transportation is over, all fill the "waybill" and learned that the 2 × 10 = 20.

2 level.Following "driver" give 18 "bricks."His way on, but the truck and roomy.Now he can carry on the 3 dice.It turns out, 3 × 6 = 18.

Thus, we come to the big truck that can carry 10 bricks!10 × 2 = 20. At the end the first day of traffic.And with each new quantity of building materials will increase.And gradually reach 100.

see, not necessarily to cram boring numbers by heart.It's easy to learn the multiplication table, if you turn it into a fascinating study of employment which are sure to enjoy your child.