Mating dogs.

Every professional breeder would have to know how to knit dogs.It would seem that the process is completely natural and hundred percent has already been laid in the nature of the genes of animals.Is the role of host in this situation, too important?Yes, very much so.After breeding dogs in the wild and in the home varies greatly.Let's consider in more detail the basic nuances that everyone should know the owner of a purebred dog or bitch.

Each year, certainly from time to time to observe the so-called "dog wedding" when one female chases a whole pack of dogs.This pattern occurs only if the bitch does not belong to a particular group of animals.Because then it is usually in advance of a few dominant individuals of the opposite sex.And even before the female begins estrus.Mating of dogs in this case occurs approximately follows.Initially, the bitch does not admit to his dog close.Moreover, it may even bite him.However, if a dog her pleasant and familiar, soon coming is the next period.Bitch stop zealously to run away from his "gentleman" and he, in turn, takes the so-called "begging" posture.It looks as follows.Animal breasts pressed to the ground and holds one front paw toward the partner.Then begins a kind of game or marital courtship.Pets chase each other behave very playful and friendly.This dog from time to time may make an attempt to cages (so-called mating dogs when the male takes the posture of frictions).At the end of a bitch reaches fever pitch and no longer tries to escape from her partner.The dog gets into it, thus fixing the animal forelegs to inexperienced female made no attempt to wriggle out.During skleschivaniya comes a point when the internal muscle bitches almost firmly fixed inside the male.It may take up to several hours (mean 20 minutes).

Since pairing of dogs in the home occurs quite spontaneously, the animal almost no time to know each other.Sometimes they are not allowed to even sniff viscous.If you let the process take its course, the consequences can be very sad.For example, a dog will accept even being in the stage of estrus strong female hostile, as it entered its territory.Or frightened by an abrupt change of the situation is not only a bitch will not admit to his partner, but also to completely discourage the desire to mate rude refusal.In any case, the entire procedure to eventually take place, the animals need a lot of time, which the owners could not be.In this case, dog owners have to do some unnatural way.

Owner bitch tightly fixes it in the most convenient position for the dog.The owner of a second animal ensures that it is constantly in the excitation, not only on the type of partner finished, but the smell of her discharge.Owners have to firmly suppress any attempts of courtship and mating season, as well as so-called "puppy" cages (front and side).When mating dogs already happened, bitch recommend leaving muzzled until until after skleschivanie.Otherwise, it is because of the discomfort may be angry at the dog and injure him.

Tribal male should be excited to learn quickly without any preliminary courtship.However, if the owners are dealing with an inexperienced animals, it may too early "to give everything."If your dog shows signs of overstimulation (excessive restlessness, repeated and unsuccessful attempts cages and so on. D.), The best male lead for a while on the street.Otherwise, it will require many more hours to recuperate.