1972 - year of the animal?

1972 - the year of the animal?Before answering this question, it should be noted that modern people are increasingly turning to astrology.After compiled ET Horoscope helps you find the perfect approach to this or that person, as well as to answer the complex questions of life and identify their weaknesses.

1972 - the year of the animal?We find out together

According to the Chinese calendar, 1972 is the Year of the Rat.As you know, for astrologers it is important not only the image of the animal, ruling at the time, but a verse that is subject to the mark.Thus, the question about what the year 1972 to a horoscope, it is safe to say that it was the year of the black water of the Rat.

impossible to disregard the fact that the beginning of this period is not held on January 1 and a little later - February 15.

Character Water Rats

People born under this sign are subject to greater feelings and emotions rather than rational thinking.They have quite developed intuition.That is why all their actions and the actions they perform under the influence of their own inner feelings.

1972 - one year?Black Water Rats.Such people are able to meet with dignity all the obstacles in its path, and easily overcome them.Rats are strong in spirit and can go to any action.

Features Black Rat Rat

Outwardly it seems fun, balanced and calm.But she was born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness.Therefore, it is not necessary to believe calm.It is enough to communicate with such people a little more, and you'll discover her nervousness and choleric temperament.

1972 - the year of the animal?On this question, we gave an exhaustive answer to slightly higher.It should be noted that representatives of this sign - great brawlers and willingly gossip.They never miss an opportunity to gloat.In this regard, the rats were more acquaintances than real and true friends.Part of a small circle of close friends and they formed because they are few who can be trusted.After Rat reserved and always keep their worries to themselves.

way, those born under this watermark, seek benefit for himself of all: friends, own charm, acquaintances, relatives and others.

Professional inclinations Rats

ascertained, 1972 - year of the animal, it should be noted,that representatives of the eastern mark prefer to live cunning than labor.Many people in their life, they reach at the expense of others who are working up a sweat on them.In the worst case, the Rat can be parasites or lenders who give money at high interest rates.

Safety and laziness, which are inherent to such representatives may contribute to the fact that they will be administrative staff or even succeed in politics.Incidentally, among the successful artists, too many rats.

Accumulating money these people spend them instantly.They never anything does not deny.A rat can get involved in gambling.She - a big foodie, sensitive and sentimental.

most suitable occupations for Rats is financial activities, and trade the money-lender, broker, a detective, a lawyer and writer.

Rats in communication

horoscope 1972 is the year of the black water of the Rat.The behavior of these representatives is ambiguous.After all, they have to cope with a huge flow of information.At the same time, all their secrets and thoughts they keep in themselves.

In order to facilitate communication with other people, rats should stop to lock and hide their true feelings.Only in this case the representatives of this sign will acquire real and faithful friends.

Male horoscope

1972 - the year of birth of many men.So representatives life gives wealth and satiety.If they are born in the spring or in the summer months, it is straight forward and these people are righteous."Autumn" male rats are particularly rich and do not lose their good humor and sincerity.At 15 and 20 years, they should look out for trouble.A bad marriage such people might get the horse.These people are sick.Their weaknesses can be called the stomach and legs.In the case of male rats to cope with his ill health in 70 years, they will live up to 90-100.

Female horoscope

Now, you know, 1972 - year of the animal horoscope.The fairer sex, who were born under this sign - cautious and vulnerable people.They are generous, able to gently care for relatives and love even those who do not respond to them in return.

Female Rats love needlework.They are quite hot-tempered, but forgiving and quickly depart.For the life of people waiting for a special success, but it can prevent sudden and severe illness.The most vulnerable places in female rats are neck and neck.

It should be noted that people who were born in the summer or spring, more fortunate than those who were born in the winter or autumn.

unfavorable marriage in female rats might get the horse and bull.As for successful relationships, they arise from the Tigris and mouse.

Understanding Water Rat (1912 and 1972 birth)

Such representatives energetic, wise, farsighted and shrewd.They commonly think and speak a unique gift of persuasion.The rats - both men and women - can develop in a variety of industries.As a rule, such people are easy to achieve popularity.They literally basking in the attention of others and can not imagine my life without glory.However, for fear of losing popularity, representatives of oriental sign can take the path of vice, go to the unpredictable actions and find yourself a malevolent and doubtful friends.

Positive features water rats

1972 - one year on a horoscope?Over this period he dominated black water rats.The representatives of the sign can be compassionate, charming, thrifty, sociable, talented and sensual.They are able to adapt to any conditions.Many of these people are quite successful entrepreneurs and businessmen.

negative traits of black rats

Rats born in 1972, too picky about the people around them, fickle in their desires and actions, are prone to disputes and conflicts, self-confident and very domineering.

Love Horoscope

Lovers Rat - very passionate and very attentive partners.They are never afraid to show their love of the second half.At the very beginning of the relationship Rats literally overflowing emotions.If the partner is such a representative of a cold, they can also grow cold to him.

For this type of people is extremely important to be fully involved in loving relationships and be a part of life in its second half.Most Rat necessary safety and security from a loved one.If it gets it, it becomes the most attentive and affectionate partner.

Compatibility with other signs

Rat will make the best choice, if you create an alliance with the Dragon.After all, the last she will give all his strength and balance.As for the Bulls, he will calm Mouse, and she will feel safe and protected.Monkey literally enchant her, and rats will be madly in love.

such mark in romantic relationships should be avoided Horses.For selfish and independent temperament of the mark will not be able to make a proprietary nature of the Rat.It will be a disaster if a male mouse (water) marries a female horse.By the way, you have to be careful in dealing with the Cat, as representatives of this sign are quite suppress their partners and manipulate them.

Life Water Rats

in rats born in 1972, is the best and easy childhood, carefree youth.As for the second part of life, it can be pretty rough.It is likely that rats lose their financial condition in any case failed.The third part of the life of such representatives, including old age, will be calm and measured.