How to change the interface language in Windows?

Each user works with the keyboard by typing any text or driving in a search query, sooner or later it faces the need to change the keyboard layout that is fast switching languages.The default for a text editor preset English and Russian alphabets, however, there is the possibility of adding the language bar in any other language.For those who do not know how to change the language in the menu of the computer, this article will provide practical guidance.

standard "hot" keys that are responsible for changing the language - Alt + Shift (where you can change the combination of its discretion in the Control Panel).There is also another way of how to change the language - by using the Language bar, located in the lower right corner of the screen to switch, just click on it and in the output list, select the desired language.

If necessary, add additional keyboard language Do the following procedure: Start, then Control Panel, select the section from the list of "Regional and Language Options" tab, then "Language and Keyboard" option and see "Change the keyboard layout."Click on this button and go to the control menu language text input, select "Add" from the list and select the option you want, save the changes.The menu now has a new language bar icon.

In some cases it is necessary to change the language is not only I, but the whole system, ie to all dialogs, context menus, shortcuts, Windows wizard began speaking another language.Why do we need to do?It happens that during installation of some programs already available on the computer language packs are replaced with newer versions.It is not always guaranteed that the new packages support the Russian language.Or even more common situation: computers preinstalled with Windows 7, the menu interface is usually in English, and bring it in the usual form - it is the task of the user.We will understand how to change the language in Windows 7.

To do this, go to the already known to us the menu Regional and Language Options and select the tab "Advanced", then "Change the system language", we should choose the desired language and "OK" to saveAfter rebooting the system is necessary.

small detail: to change the language of Windows 7, you can not in all versions, but only in the very top: Ultimate and Enterprise.How can that be, if you have more than a cost issue?How to change language in this case: first, with an additional installation of language packs, and secondly, through the update Windows Update.

update requires the menu language, and regional settings select Language & keyboard - & gt;Set the language, here we will be asked to choose a method of installation, click Windows Update, continue left to tick an option and wait for the installation process.Before you change the language, you should restart your computer.

Download individual LIP language pack from the official website Microsoft, however, they represent only the most commonly used version of the translation dialog interface, and the remaining sections will be displayed in English.Wider possibilities is MUI (MUI), available in the paid version.