"Vpribyli": reviews on the site.

Today, earnings on the Internet has become as commonplace as the daily trek to work.Many sites offer a stable income, it does not even need to leave the house.In this article you will learn that a system for earning "Vpribyli."

project for earning "Vpribyli"

site was put into operation in 2011 as a stable project on earnings in the social network.At the same time the organizers boldly stated that it is the most reliable resource to generate income by $ 50 per day.The site interface is an exact copy of the famous Russian-language social network "VKontakte".However, as it becomes clear later, nothing to do with the portal to communicate the project has not.

On the home page you can find information about what it takes daily turnover of 15 thousand dollars.The number of participants in the project will exceed 5 million.Daily payments, stable cooperation, work with electronic currencies and much more promise users to project organizers.But what's really going on?

What is the salary?

order to start earning online, you want to pass the procedure of identification through my account, "VKontakte", indicating the number of the mobile phone.After this, as the information on the main page of the project become available paid job.That is, the user needs to view advertisements to join the community, subscribe to the Public, and put the Huskies do repost.In addition, each action will be generously paid.

All work is carried out exclusively through the social network "VKontakte", which creates the illusion of the earnings through the well-known social network in runet.

As promised the organizers of the project for each job you'll receive on your internal account from 1 to $ 5.Tempting, is not it?

What is to be feared in the project?

Many naive users of the Internet to learn about easy money, hurry to register and get to work.But then they face a huge disappointment.

Yes, really first become available tasks to perform, and for them the money immediately credited to your account.As promised the site, all earnings will be in a few minutes to bring any electronic purse.

However, after the first 10-15 jobs where the fun begins.People notice that their mobile phone is happening cribbing money.And the amount could be like 20 and 300 rubles.Stop debit impossible since completely closed access to the account "VKontakte".

Can I withdraw money from the project?

Not surprisingly, after the above-described every chance to withdraw their honestly earned money to zero.Therefore naive users there is nothing how to change the mobile phone number and create a new page in the social network.This will have to explain to all my friends and subscribers that his account was hacked.

Project "Vpribyli", reviews of which are purely negative, it is a prime example of thoughtful and well-planned scam.At the same time, even beginners will not have the idea that they want to cheat.In fact the site is covered for the rest of the known Russian social network "VKontakte", which has a reputation for excellence.However, if you examine the service "VC", it becomes clear that the developers do not mention anywhere about the project "Vpribyli."This is further proof that this is a usual fraudulent resource.

$ 50 a day - a myth or reality?

receive 2,500 rubles a day on the Internet today is problematic even for experienced freelancers who earn their copywriting and web development.You have to understand that no one site will not evaluate such simple acts as the entry into the group, repost record a few dollars.Such tasks even on bona fide resources, as a rule, are paid a maximum of 2-3 rubles.After all, they aim to cheat subscribers and community members to promote a project or service.

should understand that the real work on the Internet requires time and effort.Unable to get $ 50 a day for simple actions that do not require much intelligence.For decent wages must possess skills and knowledge of the schemes provide income in the network.Remember that you should not be carried out on any offers of easy money in life or on the Internet.

who earn really?

Simple circuit analysis project to determine the fraudulent website "Vpribyli" reviews which prove that this is another scam.All written off from the mobile phone funds come entirely at the expense of the organizers of the project, which are summarized in the profits, as opposed to ordinary users.Thus calculate their location virtually impossible.

same scheme are well-known pyramid schemes, to enter the user has to invest.At the same time the organizers immediately warned that even in case of failure, will not be returned.However, the project "Vpribyli" at the first stage of deceiving their members, since no warning of the write-off of money from the account of a mobile phone.

Real earnings or another scam?

Indeed, there are projects for social networks, which can make anyone.However, the maximum amount for which you can count equals 50-100 rubles per day.This will have to spend more than one hour to the monotone and monotonous work.

is one simple, but logical conclusion - make money online "Vpribyli" - this is not the reality, and the usual scam.This is indicated by clear signs, one of which - inexplicably high fees for their work.Any experienced users on the network, which has long and successfully makes immediately realize that to him an ordinary phishing resource.

Project "Vpribyli": reviews of real users

judge the work of a resource, promising a steady income online, you can only experience of users.The "Vpribyli-VKontakte", reviews of which proves its bad faith, has nothing to do with the creators of the popular social network, though created in his likeness.

According to users, you only go through the activation of account "VC" as access to a personal page, is permanently closed.The system automatically changes the password and uses a page of ordinary people for advertising purposes.When this access is practically impossible to recover.

In addition, people-watching, copying from the account of mobile phone begins immediately after entering the personal cabinet.And if you do not inform the service provider, you can go into minus.This will be difficult to prove that the money spent is not you personally, but fraudulent system.

positive feedback about the project in the network still occur.However, not hard to guess that they are spreading themselves founders of the resource.This ensures a steady stream of naive users who are looking for easy ways to earn.And because the site is still actively thriving, it is easy to guess that new members of the project have no end.Unfortunately, their lack of knowledge of users themselves provoke scams create projects like "Vpribyli."

Can I really make money, "VKontakte"?

real work on the Internet exists, and today it is even schoolchildren know.In order to earn revenue from your page "VKontakte", enough to register on the project VKtarget.Unlike the website "Vpribyli", reviews of which are purely negative, the project offers a real earnings.

All that is required from the user is to enter into various groups, invite friends and famous people do repost records.Every action is paid from 20 cents to 3 rubles.At the same time all the money you can easily bring up the electronic purse WebMoney.This part is an excellent source of additional income on the net.

Further comprehensive site offers Qcomment.It is possible to earn not only by the account "EC", but also using their page in the "Classmates", Instagramm and even Facebook.At the same time paid positions even in the various types of forums and reviews about products and services.Many active users earn online Qcomment $ 200-300 monthly.

other scam on the Internet

Today, unfortunately, there are plenty of resources online fraud.In addition to the project "Vpribyli-VKontakte" scams website is VideMoney.Resource pays you watching commercials.However, it is impossible to withdraw money earned, so they remain forever hang in the system.

various pyramid schemes are also a scam on the Internet.For example, the entry for the project Zevs user will have to pay 700 rubles.And in order to get their money back, invite in a few people.It is easy to guess that not everyone can persuade their friends or friends to invest their own money in a dubious site.Therefore, the main profits go into his pocket organizers of the project.

How not to become deceived?

In order not to fall for the bait scams, you should remember the following rules:

  • Do not invest your money in questionable projects.Fair trading requires investments and hard daily work.
  • Carefully study the site of the proposed work.It should be all the information about the organizers of the project, contact data, certification of electronic purses and VAT tax.
  • Never leave personal and passport details and mobile phone number on the websites for a living.Fraudsters can use this information for personal gain.
  • Always read reviews about the site in the network.Even one negative comment has to be questioned.The list of scams on the Internet is huge.The main thing - to learn how to distinguish them from bona fide resources who are willing to pay honestly earned money.

If you still have not found the answer to the question of where to make money online, then do not despair.After all, today there are many options for remote work, to learn that anyone can.

it possible to earn real money on the Internet?

real salvation for professionals in their field - work remotely from home.Internet in this regard, provides virtually unlimited opportunities.Listed freelancers can offer their services to their activities.For example, to write articles for medical, educational or construction themes.Or to carry out orders on manufacturing sites or banner ads and Landing.

You can also organize your own earnings online interesting articles.Simply fill in the demand for its readers information, unwind in the search engines and get a daily profit from the visitors to view the advertisement.

If you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, then organize online shop with deliveries of goods from China, America or Europe.To do this, it is not necessary to rent a room and have an initial capital.Simply offer services reseller or organizer of joint purchases.This type of income is always in demand.

If you know where to make money online, then you will not be difficult to build your own business and achieve financial independence from the employer.Importantly, do not fall for the bait fraud scams.