What is a visa for Italy, which is necessary for registration of documents and what is its value?

Italy - a country with stunning ancient sites, beautiful beaches and great shopping.How to get to this earthly paradise?The first step is the decision of visa problems, or rather - to provide a formal admission into the country.What is a visa to Italy, what it costs and what it requires documents?

Subtleties obtain a badge to

This European country included in the Schengen zone, so a visa is also required Schengen.Documents for a visa to Italy is possible to prepare both independently and with the help of a travel agency or operator.The list of references will be slightly different in these cases.

list of documents for obtaining a visa

  1. Valid passport with a couple-three blank pages that will be "working" for at least three months after the end of the estimated future travel.For further attached a photocopy of the passport of the main turning it with a photo.
  2. Originals previously revoked passports, since the presence of stamps on travel and visa of any country are beneficial for a positive re
    sponse when deciding consulate.
  3. Schengen visa to Italy is also required for its execution a photograph of the applicant measuring 3 x 4 cm.The photo should be no corners and ovals, and the very image of a man to hold not less than 75-80 percent of the entire area.The applicant must look natural - with wrinkles, moles and birthmarks spots, so retouching is to go very carefully.
  4. completed in English-sheet questionnaire that provides the consulate.Personal signature of the applicant must be in four places - this condition is necessary.
  5. Certificate of employment.Requirements for the registration of its strict enough - it must be printed on company letterhead indicating the position of the applicant, the period of his work, wage and time will be granted leave.In addition, you should definitely ascribed to note that for a person to continue his workplace at the end of vacation.
  6. Confirming financial viability of the tourist - bank statement showing the amount of money.The calculation takes place in the following order - about 50 euros per person per day of stay in the country.

Other subtleties visa

pensioners in addition to the main list of documents you must provide a photocopy of the pension certificate.Pupils and students - certificate of training and a copy of your student card.

much does a visa to Italy, if you do not seek the help of professionals?Slightly longer in time than when you make via the travel agency.Since going to start the package of necessary documents, then he surrenders to the consulate, which, after consideration of the application offers a choice of date for the interview.Following such communication, official representatives of the country or permit or prohibit visiting Italy.It is necessary to remember that a job interview is not the cause of each person - some apply for the visa immediately after the review of the documents.This is facilitated by the presence of previous Schengen visas.

Visa for Italy alone issued approximately on a similar principle, but, in addition to the above proposed list of documents you need to provide proof of booking tickets in both directions, booking hotel accommodation and insurance for the trip.In addition, with a worth having some amount of money in cash.

much does a visa to Italy?

Any visa is done in advance, as in fact, going on a trip.Admission to Italy issued within 5-7 working days in the regions of this period slightly increased, as all tour operators are ready to send documents to the visa center of Moscow for consideration.If you want instant departure in the country have the opportunity to purchase a special visa.What is an urgent visa to Italy?It will be ready within three working days.For example, if the applicant lives in Novosibirsk, and visa is required urgently, you can send yourself a package of certificates to Moscow with the help of the delivery service or by plane - the approximate cost of this "operation" of 2-3 thousand rubles.

Consular fees for making this

Naturally, a Schengen visa to Italy is not free.There are several types of tolerance - a transit guest, worker, student or tourist.The cost of each of them is different.The most common visas - tourist, its price - about 1.5 thousand. Rubles (approximate amount is indicated, since it depends on the appreciation of the euro).Price increases at exactly twice when placing urgent visa.