Travel Secrets: how to quickly make a passport

Undoubtedly passport - is the first step towards traveling the world.Its design is usually worried in advance, long before the trip.But sometimes, the document does not need to soak up the warmth of the beach or see the sights of another country and to solve the problems suddenly.Often in such cases, to wait a long registration document is not possible.How and where to quickly make a passport?This will be discussed in the article.

legally prescribed term

According to the law a passport must be issued within the period not exceeding 30 days from the filing of all required documents by the applicant.It concerns the category of Russian citizens, who provide documentation of residence.If you need a passport to the man which in the present or previous access to sensitive information or even a secret state information, then it will be given him no earlier than three months.With regard to the applicants did not submit the documents at the place of residence, then wait for a foreign travel document they will have about four months.But that's all theory, but in practice it turns out that delays in obtaining foreign passports and work affects Gosznak (if the document is issued with biometric data), occupancy and department of FMS, and, oddly enough, the time of year.

How quickly make a passport?

Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up the process of registration documents.But this is possible only if the applicant has documented confirm the need for an urgent departure abroad.This may be an emergency operation or emergency treatment in another country, the death of a close relative abroad.If you have confirmed information about this passport must issue within three days.Such reasons as a burning permit or a fixed-term employment contract sufficiently strong to accelerate the execution of a document are not considered.How fast do the passport in such cases?You can contact the experts, but it should be understood that the free help they will not.The cost of their services depends on the urgency of execution, as well as the type of document.If an ordinary passport of the old sample can be done in three days, the biometric earlier than ten days is simply impossible to make.Why is that?Making biometric passport involves the production of plastic and electronic stuffing for him, which greatly complicates the process, it is sufficient for normal application of the data and pasting photos.

quickly make a passport in Moscow offer some firms, arguing that the document with biometric data with their help you can get for 2-3 days.Unfortunately, this is a real scam trick.

factors that complicate the process of registration of passport

One of the main factors is the residence.For example, Muscovite, who lives in the city of more than five years to collect all the documents, the passport will issue as quickly and cheaply.While the man has recently become a resident of the capital or have been registered, "green light" just will not give.How fast can make a passport in this case?Refer to the mediator (preferably checked) better on the recommendation of friends, but we should be prepared in advance to ensure that the cost of the service will be rather big.How quickly do a passport, if the documents are not all right or you can not bring them a complete package?Especially worth to turn to experienced professionals.