Mating of cats.

Happy owners of pedigreed cats can make serious cash on their pets.Especially when it comes to the winners of exhibitions and carriers of rare fancy colored genes.Such animals can give a tremendous offspring that quickly buy connoisseurs for considerable sums of money.However, appreciated only those kittens, which fully comply with the standards of the breed and have no defects.In the course is not only the color, thickness and overall structure of the hair, but even the development and size of the limb length and shape of the tail, eye color.The quality of the litter for the most part affect mating cats.

understand that the animal is ripe for socializing with the opposite sex, in this case quite easily.Males begin publishing typical low guttural sounds, thus calling kitty.In addition, they are becoming more aggressive, odorous marks left from the glands, which are located directly under the tail.If you live in the house of the other cats in the period of puberty may occur between the real battle, during which males cause each other serious injury.However, these negative effects can be prevented entirely.Breeding cats (thoroughbred) gives pet owners benefit from their mating.Therefore, the owners usually do not hurry to give their pets into the hands of a veterinarian, so he spent the castration or sterilization procedure.

As for cats, they have heat varies depending on lifestyle.When it comes to females, who spend most of their time outdoors and are very active, they usually begin to look for a partner just once a year.Those animals that live mainly in the apartment and move within the sitting room space can often willed male - 2 or 3 times.But, of course, that all these figures are highly approximate.Mating of cats depends exclusively on the personal qualities of each animal individually.

females at the peak of heat, too, begin to call up a partner with loud shrieks.Often it is this feature and gives the owners understand that the male cat needs.In addition, the animal usually begins to show tenderness to touch overblown, rubs about everything in your path items, rolls of ass and invitingly lifts the tail.Successful mating cats will help you to stop all of the above.

sometimes find a suitable partner purebred animal with a good pedigree is not so simple.To do this, the owners of expensive pet ads are placed on special websites dedicated to the breeding of cats.There will contain all the information about the animal, including weight, size, experience and the number of pairing kittens in the litter.Of course, love is not the session will be free.Mating of cats, as we mentioned, is beneficial not only to the owners of females and males.At the same time the owners even make a special agreement which has full legal force as other official document.On its basis the master cat has the right not only for monetary compensation but also for at least one calf from the resulting litter of their choice.

But, of course, the greatest benefit is obtained after all the owners of the females.After all, a large number of kittens (6-8), which are suitable to the standards of the breed, with interest will pay all costs incurred in the mating cats.Price tiny lump will depend on its pedigree, winning the availability of the parents, as well as external data.It is clear that the kittens of various breeds will cost wishing to acquire such a joy of living in different amounts.But is it true connoisseurs can stop these graceful animals?Of course not.Therefore, in some cases, very successful initial owners can get a kitten for a few tens of thousands of rubles.