The famous sights, like Jovi, and other useful additives in the game World of Tanks

One of the main and most important elements of the game design is executed as a so-called "operating interface".Depending on the style and direction of the game, it can be a sight, and the menu construction, purchase and sale, and so on.The game World of Tanks, which refers to the action-games, most of the screen takes a sight with all sorts pokazchikami.He painted the developers and the default is all clients.However, some players do not like the traditional sights.Therefore, gamers have created many amateur versions: sight, like Jovi, like Flash, like Murazora - famous cyber-athletes.


As mentioned above, amateurs and experienced players decided to draw and implement a variety of options in the WOT operating interface and sight, which are designed to provide maximum comfort comfortable game.

From the appearance of the sight may depend a lot, starting with the convenience of aiming and finishing guarantee penetration of the enemy tank.Studying sight like Jovi, one can conclude that it is v

ery convenient.Unnecessary items that are rarely used players removed.Leaving most needed - a circle of information, cross aiming and cooldown.Lap information is made not by the dotted line and solid.Angles of traverse in the form of a clear bright corners, so to knock down the sight, inadvertently katnuvshi tank side while aiming, has not come out.Special attention should sniper mode.The sight, like Jovi, provides high-quality firing at enemies.Due to the darkness of the crop around the edges of the screen and the jitter after the shot, the aiming mode sniper was at times more convenient.


Besides functional component, convenient sights, like Jovi and other players are very fit harmoniously into the overall game interface.They are accurate, made in accordance colors and pleasing to the eye playing tanker.It is worth noting bright green Jovi sight which differs significantly from the traditional game of green.This sight is difficult to lose a point, which is aimed the barrel of the tank.In addition, lines and textures are painted in high definition, so that players with large monitors will not suffer from pixelation.

Of course, there are exceptions.There are so-called "futuristic" versions of sight, resembling space battles of the future.Such species are painted in bright blue-green colors look very fabulously in combat.But his own taste is not like the old saying goes.


The usefulness of the interface changes the game a lot to say.Firstly, they allow to adjust all the parameters defined by the player, thus creating favorable conditions of the game.Secondly, when used properly, can improve the quality of the game, winning percentage and bring gamers to the next level.

Minimalistic sight like Jovi, could handle this task.With such a view is played most of the cyber tank, causing hundreds of thousands of daily units of the enemies, destroying the set of equipment of the enemy.Be desired number of winning percentage in World of Tanks will grow with each fight conducted if to learn to take advantage of the unusual sights.

Mod packs

Where do we get these sights praise, lotions and other additives?There are so-called "mod packs" - archives with dozens of additions to the game.They can find and sight, like Jovi and the band breaking tanks and changed the icons and improved mini-map.These files provide the players themselves and distribute them free of charge.