How to make your lips more?

About 40% of women are dissatisfied with the fact that it is given by nature.For example, the shape or size of lips.Fortunately for many, there is a way to fix it.Is there a way to make your lips more at home without cosmetic procedures?Of course, there is such an option, it's not every girl enlists the aid of plastic surgery for correction of a "defect."


way to much.And modern cosmetology is not standing still, constantly improving.Therefore, make huge lips (well, or not so great) can be the following technologies:

  • Botox;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • lipofilling;
  • Biogel;
  • tattoo;
  • correct application of cosmetics;
  • plastic surgery.

about each of these methods is to learn more.So, how to make your lips more.


Perhaps it is the weakest and not productive manner.Botox is injected in the lips, but it does not give them too large volume.The skin is more elastic and softer - yes.But the volume of this does not become.It is noteworthy that Botox is often used to smooth out the nasolabial folds and remove fine lines around the lips.Beauticians do not recommend this method to something else.Therefore, Botox on the lips and not administered to increase.But it is possible to eliminate the asymmetry.For example, if one part of the mouth more than the other.In this case, the procedure is justified.However, there are more effective methods.

Hyaluronic acid - a proven method

Despite the terrible word "acid" in the procedure for the introduction there is nothing terrible or dangerous.The first method has long been used in cosmetology, cosmetologists so quite successfully mastered the process, bringing it to automatism.Second, the lips make hyaluronic acid can be for a sufficiently long period of time.The actual process is that when administered into the skin wrinkles are smoothed thereon to the maximum possible volume.Accordingly, lips become larger and touch and visually.By the way, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is produced by the body on their own.However, this amount is insufficient to lips were large and plump.

Lipofilling - the latest method

already laid down in the name of the core technology - pumping by its own fat tissue.Before you make your lips more lipofilinga using, cosmeticians take this very fabric of a special syringe from the client.The most common of the femur or the gluteal region.The fat tissue is introduced into the mouth under anesthesia.The effect lasts for a long time.Estheticians should be chosen very carefully, because if misused the procedure to make the correction is very problematic.The procedure for a new, long-term results do not provide for the correction.

Bio Gel as a way to increase

Actually, all biogels are based on hyaluronic acid described above.However, There are two broad categories of funds: some are holding the result in the course of the year, others - up to five years.On average, the procedure takes about 10,000 rubles, but the final amount depends on the beautician and material.So, for example, a biopolymer gel that holds its shape up to five years, will cost a bit more expensive than a biodegradable gel that holds its shape only 10-12 months.By the way, huge lips recommended using normal pure hyaluronic acid, it was easier to carry out the correction.In addition, biogels more expensive than a similar procedure to clean material.

Tattoo as a visual increase

Unfortunately, this method only helps visually make the volume more.At the touch of the lips will remain the same as they were before.What is the procedure?Using a special needle and ink is injected under the skin coloring pigment as in the prick tattoo.Make a tattoo of the lips can be on three technologies: circuit, circuit with ratushevkoy, permanent lipstick.Each of them has its own characteristics.Thus, for example, a circuit exclusively understood tattoo lip contour as the substrate contour pencil.Only it is not erased for a long time - up to three years.Under contour shading with tattoo meant not only the contour but also with a small lip filling pigment, and 5 mm.It's like a make-up, but then again a lot of time.Under the permanent lipstick is meant to fill the entire lip skin pigment.The effect is really similar to the lipstick.The color is selected individually.It is noteworthy that, regardless of technology, tattoo is "painted" effect.The lips of this no longer becomes.Is it visually.

Plastic Surgery

resorted to this method when you want to achieve really significant results.Typically, cosmetologists and surgeons use one of two techniques: either implantation of implants or the use of technology "eversion" red cloth interior.As a result, the lips become larger both visually and to the touch.It is noteworthy that most of the implants implanted for life.But sometimes they require a correction if the silicone slips or shifts.It happens so rarely, if you have selected a professional surgeon.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of a doctor before the procedure.


Before you make your lips more methods described above, it is necessary to try to apply makeup properly.For example, using a cosmetic pencil, lipstick and powder.This can be done quite quickly.First pripudrivayut lips, then make a pencil outline.He also carried shading, and then overlap lipstick.The result is a swollen, bright and juicy lips.And this is the goal!If the make-up applying gloss finish, the result will be a stunningly beautiful sensual lips.This option is cheap, safe and temporary.That is, you can always remove make-up, restoring the original appearance of their lips.Before you apply for a procedure to increase cosmetologists and surgeons, cosmetic method is to try yourself at home.If the results meet, then we can fix it from the masters.